Benefits of Promotional Jackets with Personalisation

Promotional Jackets

With an estimated GDP of over AUS1.89 trillion, in 2020, Australia became the 13th largest national economy by nominal GDP and the 25th largest goods exporter. The country is known for its food and beverage manufacturing, mining, gold rushes, IT, and tourism industries.

But, while businesses here spend about $12 billion on marketing, Aussie experts consider promotional merchandise a powerful marketing tool to promote a brand effectively. One such item that can create a buzz around your business is a promotional jacket.

Industry leaders like Custom Gear Australia feature a massive collection of high-quality custom jackets, which can strike the right chord with your clientele. Here are the top benefits of using promotional jackets with personalisation, which will compel you to include them in your brand marketing strategy.

An Excellent Advertising Tool

According to APPA, Aussie marketers spend over $1.34 billion a year on promotional items. The reason being that about 75% of the consumers recall the name advertised on the product.

Promotional jackets do just that; they can ensure a high-quality advertising campaign with a long-lasting positive impression. They also have a track record of achieving the highest advertising recall over TV and online platforms.

You can choose a jacket from leading online retail websites, and with the help of their graphic designers, you can create tailor-made pieces to boost your advertising campaign.

A Wide Variety of Options

A recent survey reveals that 16.7% of the female population in Australia prefers promotional bags, compared to 7.9% of the male counterparts.

But on the other hand, custom jackets offer a wide variety of choices for all. You can choose the pieces in the shades and style that perfectly complement your brand, thus leveraging effective marketing with personalised jackets.

Retailers like Custom Gear Australia feature a large selection of promotional jackets that you can customise with models, which will make your logo stand out.

Printed Jackets Make Excellent Promotional Giveaways

In recent years, residential construction accounts for about 35% of the Australian construction industry, set to expand annually at a rate of 2.5% in the next five years.

Using jackets with your brand logo printed can make excellent promotional giveaways for your clientele if you are in such businesses. They can help your brand reach new customers who would be interested in your offerings.

You can place your order with an online store; they will ship your merchandise to your location within a few business days.

Promotional Jackets Can Help in Staff Retention

A recent study shows that 75% of HR managers in Australia use custom merchandise in company recognition programs.

When you award your employees with promotional jackets as recognition for their contribution to your business, it can motivate them to strive for higher work objectives. Such custom-made merchandises make a fantastic tool to retain them, thus lowering your company’s attrition rate.

Look for A Reputed Online Retailer

Recently, the Australian government introduced a 15-month investment incentive for businesses with an annual turnover below $500 million. Qualifying companies can now claim a 50% deduction for the cost of new assets.

To make the best out of such government aids, find an online retailer and invest in custom-made promotional jackets. While the funds can ensure your business thrives amidst the ongoing pandemic, the merchandise can uphold your brand value among your clients and employees.

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