Best Indian Web Series to Watch on Netflix, Prime Video & Other Platforms

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The last few years have been incredible for the Indian industry moving into the web series and making some of the best web series ever. Some of the performances were just unbelievable and you will regret not watching them. It is not just you and me or some critics from the country praising them but some of the web series India has been praised globally.

Now we will be discussing the web series that made into the list of the best Indian web series and every detail that brought them to the place. You might hear some popular names and some of the underrated names but believe me, every name here is worth your time.

List of best Web Series to Watch online:

The Family Man:

This is one of the best Indian web series in Hindi which is available on Amazon Prime Videos. You will surely love it because it is easy to relate to the story. A child will be entertained, a teenager will be exited, a young mind will be inspired and an old soul will feel it. What else can you expect out of a web series when it is meant for everyone. It is a story of a middle-class man starring Manoj Bajpayee working for the National Investigation Agency. The man gives his best to balance with the low paying job, the family and the country. You will surely enjoy his journey.


Another great web series in India starring Pankaj Tripathi in the role of Kalin Bhaiya that has been nailed by him. This series is also launched on Amazon Prime. This is a dark story of two brothers surviving in a dark town against a wealthy and powerful family. The end leaves you so much satisfied. Without any spoiler, I will just say go and watch it but not with the family and surely not for the infants.

Inside Edge:

This is the best series to watch for the young audience. it is not going to inspire you or give you any message but you will be highly entertained. This is the story of Mumbai Mavericks which is a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League. The story revolves around selfishness, power, money, and sex. All the solutions seem to lie around them and you will enjoy whatever happens on the screen. Another story not to watch with the family.

Sacred Games:

Any list of Indian web series is incomplete without mentioning this name. it is not just the best Hindi web series but also one of the best series on Netflix. Starring, Nawazuddin Siddique, Saif Ali Khan, this is an incredibly dark story directed by Anurag Kashyap. The start or the end, everything is thrilling and unexpected. Every episode leaves you with no option but to watch more.

Permanent Roommates:

A simple sweet yet so amazing story to watch. A delight to the eyes of the youngsters. Everyone enjoys it. This one can be regarded as a family-friendly series you can watch with the family in this time period. It is full of comedy and fun. A fun time to watch it and laughing with the characters. It is relatable as well to some people and they will love it more. The story of a boy coming to live with his girl after a long-distance relationship and the things happen to them.

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College Romance:

Another fun story of three couples fighting yet loving each other. The story begins with each of them falling for one another and ultimately keeping the love alive. You will enjoy their journey and surely how each and every character has been plotted. One of my favorite characters every in any web series is a part of this one. Some of the scenes might kill you with laughter. It is available on YouTube as well and has just 5 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

Hostel Daze:

Hello students, how can you be so late in watching this series? A series full of drama, action, and fun happening in a hostel. Students striving for different things and how they bring out some comedy out of their tragedies. Not a single second will bore you and you will laugh harder and harder. Just don’t think about watching it with your family or you will never live in the hostel again. It leaves you with some memories and some dialogue you will surely be spitting after watching it.

The Kota Factory:

This is a series leaving you with an amazing storyline and message behind it. the series is available on YouTube and the TVF app. The story is amazingly plotted with some great characterization along with equally dedicated acting skills. It is the first black and white web series of India and the colour suits them so strong. The story is about the struggle of the IIT-JEE aspirants in Kota. Students will feel the struggle while parents need to understand it.


The story starring R. Madhvan and Amit Sadh. Both of them have given incredible performance. You will enjoy their rivalry throughout the season. The storyline lies in a single line. “How far will you go to save your loved ones”. Both the characters fight hard and against each other to save the one they love the most. Whoever wins the game doesn’t matter, but you will enjoy their fight and the aggression in the game. A family-friendly watch for you.

City of Dreams:

You might have watched a number of movies revolving around political sequences and happening but his series is a masterpiece in the field of political series. The series took enough time to hold the plot and has a wide grip with each and every character. The political scenario is so thrilling and you will enjoy the heat of the arguments. Surely not to be watched with the family because of the abusive languages. A fine fiction for the young mind to understand the Chanakya Neeti.

Here ends our list of best Indian web series. There are many more but these will not disappoint you at all.

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