How To Choose the Perfect Headphones for You?

Perfect Headphones

Headphones are now part of people’s everyday life. Headphones are used for official work and online lecturers, watching movies, and listening to songs or podcasts. So, choosing one pair of the best headphones, irrespective of occupation, is essential.

There are majorly three types of headphones available in the market. These are on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear earphones. Most people prefer over-ear devices as it is better medically. And when it comes to choosing top over ear headphones, there are several factors like weight, wired or wireless, quality, and compatibility you must consider. Here is a detailed explanation of how to choose the perfect earphones.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Know your budget

You must know how much money you want to spend on your headphones. It might be $500 or $1000 or any other amount. Only after selecting your budget can you start looking at headphones accordingly.

Comfortable to Wear

Comfortability in headsets is essential, no matter what. Try wearing headphones for fifteen minutes and check the comfortability. Some feel heavy and painful after wearing them for a few days.

Quality of Sound

Audio quality is one of the crucial factors behind your decision. Try different types of songs to check how efficient your device is. Also, listen to voice notes and recorded video/audio to match the listening experience.

Noise-canceling Features

If you are in a crowded place, noise-canceling headphones can work as a life-saver. However, some headphone manufacturers use both active and passive noise canceling techniques. Passive noise-canceling earphones restrict ambient noise, while active noise-canceling earphones cancel out noise with the help of frequency.

Leakage of Sound

You may notice that some headphones leak sound and disturb others sitting next to you. So check the device by wearing it and sitting with someone. And then reverse the process. This method will quickly check how much the nearby person hears while you are listening to something.

Battery Life

You must check its battery life if your over-the-ear headphones are wireless and have noise-canceling features. Check how much time it will take to recharge it entirely and, after fully charged, how much time it lasts. Some earphones last for 2 -3 days after a full charge.

Length of the Cables

If you opt for wired headphones, ensure the wires’ length is long enough to keep your phone in your pocket without pulling the cord.

Case or Cover

Taking care of your earphones is also vital for better durability. Look for those who provide strong covers to protect them from any accidents and dust.


If you love wearing headphones during workouts, swimming, or walking in the rain, you must need a water-resistant device. For example, you can buy fully waterproof earphones and use them while swimming.


If you need to make calls and answer during meetings, go for an earphone with a built-in microphone.


Though you can check reviews and feedback before buying the listening device, also pay attention to the material used in the headphones before buying.


Most headphones have a warranty period of 1 or 2 years. Sometimes, chargers or charging cables don’t come under it. So check all these things that come under warranty.


Many people still prefer buying top over-ear headphones from a physical store. However, you may get the same product at a discounted price online. However, don’t forget purchasing any electrical gadget needs prior research. So one must know what things must be considered before buying. You will understand clearly after reading the above mentioned points before purchasing a pair of headphones.

Furthermore, if you are buying online, check the return policy well. So that in case of any issues, you can return the product.

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