How to Style Your Footwear this Season?


Choosing the right shoe for you is important. They need to be comfortable, whilst also complementing your outfit. Now we are stepping back into the world, this is your chance to change and show off your new styles. Many of you have fallen into the comfort of your slipper in this past year, which is fine and understandable. However, as society starts to open up, it is time for a change, and this is a great reason to try on some of this season’s new trends whilst also resurrecting your old favorites.

The Perfect Sandal

As the temperature warms up, everyone is looking for that perfect sandal—the shoe that is so hard to find. This season, sandals are coming back in bold and fabulous fashion. Plus, there are so many variations that everyone will be able to find a style that suits them.

Let’s start with the super-comfy and flat range; shoes that you can walk a couple of miles in and not worry about. From Teva sandals to fisherman flats, these are stylish but comfortable choices that keep your foot in place; so when the sun comes out but you need practical footwear, these are the shoe for you.

Next up is the kitten-heeled mule. If any shoe screams elegance these are the ones. They are easier than a full-blown heel but add sophistication that your average sandal does not have. They are playful and come in an array of colors and exciting styles.

Strappy shoes and all styles from the 90s are making a come-back this summer. This season it is a strappy sandal with a square and bold heel. Look for deals and promos with DSW offers, where you will find all these summer shoes at affordable prices.

Cowboys, Eat Your Heart Out

If you are dreaming of Marfa, Texas, and that dusty summer heat, why not grab your perfect pair of irresistible cowboy boots. This trend is coming in full force this summer. However, this season moves past the usual minimal aesthetic of a cowboy boot and jumps into bright colors and funky patterns. This is definitely the shoe for anyone looking to burst back out into the world.

Street Slippers

This is a new trend that is slightly confusing—but very comfortable. For those who are afraid to leave their slippers at the door, street slippers are gracing the streets in a multitude of styles and colors. Designers are making plush bold and furry styles that give you that home comfort whilst you are doing your weekly shop.

The Chunky Loafer

However, for those who are sick of everything associated with lockdown and want to jump into their new revamped spring/summer style, the chunky loafer is the shoe of the season. This brings that cool and smart edge to your styling. Again, a slight 90s theme is present throughout all shoes this season, but the chunky loafer seems to be the favorite.  You cannot go wrong with investing in a gorgeous pair of these shoes.

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