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It is tough being a student. You have to juggle different classes. There are tons of exams for which you have to study. Deadlines never seem to end. Moreover, it does not help that education seems to get more expensive every year.

In Australia, a bachelor’s degree can range between $15,000 and $33,000 per year. Those amounts do not even include other essentials such as living costs, food, study materials, and more. Because of the seemingly growing financial demands, several students have come up with creative ways to earn money while studying. One of these ways is to sell notes online.

Others Will Want Your Notes

Note-taking is a skill—directly copying what the teacher writes on the board or flashes on the screen is not efficient. During a lecture, you not only write notes, but you also listen. When the subject is as complicated as advanced thermodynamics or signal transduction pathways, simultaneously writing and listening can be overwhelming. Some students struggle to take down notes while listening to whatever their teachers are saying.

Students can face two scenarios. The first is finding their notebook to barely have anything because they could not keep up with the lecture. The other is finding that their notebook is full of squiggly lines because they kept dozing off while trying to write because of sleep deprivation. When exams are nearing, reading several chapters may not be the most efficient way to learn and retain information. For these students, other people’s notes can be a lifesaver.

Selling Your Notes Can be Lucrative

Not only will you help others get through their classes, but you will also get some financial benefits if you sell notes online. You already worked hard in ensuring you have notes that you can easily understand when you reread them, so why not profit from them? When you sell notes online, your work will typically get a category based on its subject matter. If your notes are basically an abridged version of a textbook, you can be confident that students will flock to buy your notes. With the countless students in need of excellent study guides, you can potentially earn serious dollars per month.

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Choose the Right Platform

It would be hard walking around campus and asking the people you run into if they are interested in buying your notes. The internet is your best bet. If you decide to sell notes online, make sure you choose the right platform. Selling notes on thermonuclear physics or theories of international trade on a website that sells cookies can look shady. Plus, it may not have your niche market, which are students looking to study easily.

Go for a reliable site from which to sell notes online.  The website should have lots of student traffic.  There, you have a higher chance of students from across the world, finding your notes. Typically, these websites will have also take a small share of what students will pay for your notes or pay for an essay. However, this would not matter if your notes come flying off the shelves.

It does not matter if someone is an undergraduate or in grad, medical, or law school. All students take down notes. As long as the world continues to progress, it will not run out of students. Thus, you have a market that continuously grows. Make good notes that will allow you to earn that degree and cash.

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