Basic Men Patiala that are a Must-have for your Ethnic

Men Patiala

A Patiala (also popularly known as pattian walee) is worn by both males and females. It has its root in the city of Patiala in the north region of Punjab state. A long time ago, the kings of Patiala wore Patiala salwar as his royal suit. The Patiala salwar can be a representative of pathani, as it is very similar to it. Unfortunately, men no longer wear this type of outfit. It has been modified and updated to other stylish garments, and it is quite popular nowadays. However, in the past few years, the demand for this type of outfit has exponentially increased. That is why men have started to embrace this type of look and get going.

Everyone wants to look good in Indian wear. But there is so much variety that a person is bound to get confused about which one to buy or leave. There are many different kinds of ethnic kurta, men Patiala, sherwani. A matching patiala is also important.

Whether you have to attend a wedding or go for another Indian occasion, these outfits can be your best friend forever. That is why we have decided to make it easy for you by making a list of a few basic men’s Patiala that every man should have in their wardrobe. So, it will help you not to waste your time looking for one. So without wasting time, let’s move to the first one.

Basic Men Patiala

This is one of the most common and favorite types of Patiala for every person. You can pair up basic black Patiala with a light color sherwani to give yourself a stylish look. You can also add a pair of Punjabi juttis if you want a typical Indian look. This is probably the easiest traditional look to carry, and you can also wear it with a black kurta as pathani.

Printed Patiala

The second basic men’s Patiala we have on our list is printed Patiala, and you can pair it up with any long kurta to give yourself great look. You can also wear it under a white kurta jacket, which will give you a decent appearance. Few popular outfits  with which you can pair a printed white Patiala.

  • Sherwani with Patiala salwar
  • Anarkali sherwani
  • Kurta Jacket
  • kurta
  • White sherwani

Designer Patiala

Another type of men’s Patiala that you can pair up with any suit, kurta, sherwani is a designer Patiala. It gives you a very bright look and enhances your masculinity. This type of Patiala usually suits people of middle age. Once you search for them online, you are bound to find a list of incredible sites that offer this type of designer Patiala. So, you will always be left spoilt for choices without thinking twice.

The Bottom Line

Are you the one who often finds themselves perplexed when picking out a favourite Indian outfit? If yes, this article is for you. According to a survey, half of the men are afraid to wear Indian because they are unsuccessful at pairing a perfect Indian outfit. They keep searching for the best men Patiala on Google but still can’t find a perfect one.

Today in this article, we have discussed a few basic men’s Patiala that every man can opt for when looking to enjoy wearing Indian. The above mentioned are the basic and common types of Patiala that go with every outfit. So, do not be afraid to pick out your favourite style and get going. Experiment with these styles and see where they have to take you. We promise; you will not be disappointed.


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