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Universal Tale is one of the finest websites in terms of the offered content’s variety and quality. This website has made its eminent identity in terms of the interesting facts covering all the essential domains of people’s daily lives. Universal Tale is a brand name when it comes to sharing unknown facts and ideas in business and finance, film industry, food, lifestyle, art, travel, health, festivals, and many other areas.

The most exciting part of this website is that it accepts articles from people who are eager to showcase their writing skills and knowledge in the form of interactive and beautifully crafted content.


We accept articles and blog posts for the following categories:


We accept business ideas for starting small businesses and ideas that can improve your business’s prosperity and the overall revenue. Other than that, finance ideas are also highly accepted. As financial management is an essential part of every individual’s life, articles about the same give apt ideas on how to manage finances in personal and professional life, as well as in business.


This section covers all possible areas of entertainment. From music to sports and art, every article is duly welcomed in this domain. Entertainment is a highly creative section, and users can pen down all of their imaginations on various topics and the latest happenings of the world. With an interactive style of writing and the proper usage of words, writers can gather the users’ maximum attention in a lesser amount of time by writing about entertainment, given that the information must be accurate in all senses.


Historical articles are of great interest to readers of all age groups. Informative articles about what happened in the past can do wonders if written down attractively. Historical content has a great scope, as there are still many things that have not been explored yet.

 Home Remedies

This category includes remedies related to skincare, healthcare, and grooming with available things at home. These can be guides or descriptive articles about some specific ingredients explaining the uses and benefits. This category should be engaging, along with true facts. The writers need to find a style that looks friendly and speaks to the readers.


As the name suggests, these are the articles that deal with teaching users how to do something. These can be about doing daily chores or something specific.

 Interesting Facts

There are many things about the world that are still unexplored which people want to know about. We accept articles related to facts about various subjects and topics. One thing to keep in mind here is that the information given in them should be true. Any article containing false information will not be considered.


Technology is a category that contains many aspects. Writers can choose to write about programming, frameworks, or future technologies like AI or IoT. There can be explanations, comparisons, guides, and many other types of articles for this category. The content needs to be to the point and easy to understand.

 Digital Marketing

This is one of the topics that most people like to read about. Digital marketing is a category that accepts articles about SEO, SEM, social media marketing, blogging, content writing, and many other forms of digital marketing. This category also requires writers to stick to their points and write articles in a simple way.


There are many gadgets that are launched every few days. Writers can choose to write about any of them. It is important to make sure that there is no article that has been already written on the website that is similar to theirs. These articles should talk about contemporary gadgets or the ones that are expected to launch in the near future.


Traveling is the internet’s favorite category. Writers can choose a location and write about the local attractions, the food, the market, etc. of that place. They can also compile all of these points into one article. These articles need to be entertaining and informative. Writers need to verify whether all the information that they put into their content is valid.

There are many more categories and the writers can choose to write about any of them. The quality of the content in every category should be maintained. Another important point to note here is that we welcome authors or bloggers who want to share their own experiences. We publish their content along with the author’s bio. Our only aim is to motivate the writers as well as the readers to the fullest so that more and more useful information is circulated through a trusted platform like ours.


We are continually looking for passionate people about writing and wish to express themselves to the world. Our only requirement is quality, and the possibilities to express oneself are endless. The categories that have been mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg and the most popular ones, and there are many more that writers can choose from.