Best Games to Bring on A Camping Trip to Enjoy your Time

Games to Bring on A Camping Trip

You can explore the wilderness or play with your kids all day long. But think about the things you want to do when dull moments start to set in or when you can’t enjoy the outdoors due to torrential rains. This is where camping games become very handy.

Camping games are somewhat similar to different coffee table games you often play at home. You can customize the rules to make these games more exciting and adaptable to everyone. Whether you’re out for an awesome camping adventure with friends or family, learn how to play these 10 simple, lightweight fun games to fill up the downtime of the outdoor summer.

1. The Five Second Rule

The Five-Second Rule is proven to be an exciting family game for kids and adults alike. This high intense game requires players to be quick with their tongue and mind since they are only given five seconds to name three uses of certain items.

You may ask players to name three uses of any item, for example, “Three things you do with your hands,” or “Name three single-word song titles you know.” Use your smartphone or any digital timer to count down 5 seconds. This fun and hilarious game are great for two or more players and you can even play this with an “uncensored” version, which is perfect for adults.

2. Fun Word Games

Kids can’t get away with word quizzes, but learning new words can actually be fun. Playing word games is an effective way to flex your mind while trying to pass the time inside the tent during a heavy rainstorm. Bananagrams, for instance, is played by the same rules as Scrabble.

Word games are often packaged in compact sizes, which make them ideal for backpackers who are tight on bag space. You may also try other forms of word games, including spelling bee, memory match, and word search.

3. Table Tennis Set for Backpack

Great for indoors and outdoors, this backpack table tennis set is perfect for RV camping adventures and campgrounds with tables. It often comes with a drawstring bag that keeps everything intact and safe. However, you have to make sure that your campsite has picnic tables or park tables where you can set this game up.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee

You can light up the evening by playing a throw-and-catch frisbee game. And what makes this frisbee so exciting is that it’s glowing in the dark.

This is absolutely fun for all ages, and you can even play this little thing with your beloved pets! You don’t have to stop the fun when night time comes, but be sure to check the grounds for spines and debris.

5. Playing Cards

While bringing a deck of playing cards is an essential thing for most backpackers, sometimes, you just want something different instead of enjoying the usual card game. You may explore other card games like blackjack, hearts, trick-taking games, poker, or solitaire.

Ideal for two players, King Corner, is a solitaire-type game wherein each player receives seven cards while the rest are placed face down at the center in a pile. Flip the first four cards from the pile and place them in four directions of the pile. Take turns with your opponent, playing the cards lower in rank and opposite card color face up until all the cards in the feeder stack are gone.

5. Charade

Charade is an ideal campfire game for those who love acting and doing funny antics, played in different group sizes. Everyone will be asked to write down as many favorite movies, camping scenarios, or dramatic family scenes as they can think of, like for instance, cartoon shows, the mannerism of another person, or snakes that crawl inside a sleeping bag.

Once the written notes are collected, the game host will put all these inside a hat, coffee mug, or hiking boots. Move the hat in a clockwise direction and each player should act the corresponding reaction while everyone else tries to guess what’s actually written on the piece of note. The participating group who scores the most or gets the most number of correct acts wins the game.

7. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is like playing a bowling game without the lines on the side. Form two teams consisting of two to four members and then flip a coin to find out who will throw the target ball first. Bocce ball sets are definitely heavy, but you can find a lightweight version that’s suitable for camping.

Toss the bocce balls and try to pin down as many jacks as possible. Points are scored based on how close or fast you can get them, and the team who scores the 12th point wins the match. Use TOW-MAX trailer jack, support your camping trailer stable, enjoy the game.

8. Cornhole

Cornhole is another exciting tossing game that doesn’t require a lot of running. In this group game, two teams of about four members stand between 25 and 30 feet apart, each team carrying a wooden board with a hole cut into it.

Each team will be required to toss four bean bags (four turns) all the way across the stand, aiming to shoot the bags into the hole cut. If you don’t have a board, consider digging a small hole in the dirt as your goal. The first team who reaches 21 points wins the match.

9. Truth or Dare

Some camping games don’t require using props. For the truth or dare game, participating players will take turns trying to answer a question as accurately as possible. If the player chooses not to answer, he or she will be asked to do something as a consequence.

10. Sack Racing

Sack racing is a perfect family game that you can enjoy when everyone gets bored. You only need to set up a starting line and a finish line at the other end. You can play this game in a single race or a group relay. For everyone’s safety, however, be sure to remove all wood debris and small rocks along the racing track to avoid possible arm cuts and bruises.

Preparing a few camping games may loosen up the boredom you may feel after going back to your campsite from a long trail. Let these traditional camping games fill up the void whether you prefer to play them on a sunny afternoon or during a happy bonding time around the campfire.

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