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Gen यूट्यूब: Many times, we find a need to download some video from the most popular video platform – YouTube and many people don’t know how to easily do it. This may be for various purposes like putting them into our status or using it for digital projects. Even if you are a YouTuber, many times you need some videos, some sound effects, and many other things that you want to download directly from YouTube.

Today we are introducing you to Genyoutube – the one-point solution for all your needs. Almost similar to YouTube’s interface,  gen youtube helps you download anything by just one click. Not only videos, but you can also download any video in its MP3 or MP4 or various other formats as per your need. It not only works as an online YouTube downloader but also, it lets you download Tik Tok videos, SoundCloud music, and conference.

Importing Subscriptions- A Great Feature of Genyoutube

There are various other options available for online YouTube video download but Genyoutube has something special for you. If you have subscriptions for YouTube or SoundCloud, you can import these subscriptions to your gen youtube account easily. Doesn’t this sound cool?

How-To YouTube Video Download Online?

You just have to open the app and search for the video you are looking for. You can also check your subscriptions to find videos easily. After deciding the video you want to download, you just have to click on the download button available there and you will get many download options like different video formats from basic low quality to high HD and even 4K videos can be downloaded through this app. Audio formats are also available there.

How to Use Genyoutube?

You have the option to download its APK file for Android You also IOS version is available or you can directly use the add-on, extensions. It lets you download anything and of any length or size very fast.

Method 1- Without Downloading App

You can just search for the video that you want to download on your PC/phone and once you find the video, just click on the play button and then pause it. Go to the search box and you will see the URL of the video. All you have to do is to put gen at the beginning of After doing this, you will be directed to the gen youtube website from where you will have different downloading options.

Method 2- App Download

We already told you how to do this. You can easily download the application from their official site, Amazon store, and tap on the download option for any video and download it.

Why Is It Special?

  • Provided with the feature to play audio/video in the background.
  • High-quality 4K videos and MP3 file
  • Tiktok, SoundCloud, conference can also be downloaded.
  • Subscriptions import.
  • Virus-free and safe to use with a friendly interface.

Hope you find this useful. Use Genyoutube and download all your favourite videos.

By Liam Oliver

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