Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a hopping location and there is so much on the list for one to do. Just a reminder that you should be smart about your actions. Don’t go overboard in your time in Las Vegas to the point where you won’t have the opportunity to come back. If you are looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas with your family here is a list of what you can do. Make your trip a memorable experience with the whole family.

Spend a Day at Adventuredome Theme Park

This five-acre indoor theme park is the best place for the kids to run around and enjoy rides, games, and delicious snacks. The best part is that it only costs to ride and play. Get the all-day ride pass if you are planning to spend the entire day at this hopping entertaining place. Mark this place at the top of your list if you are traveling with the kids to Vegas.

Look Over the View on Gondola Ride at The Venetian

Have you ever seen scenes in movies where someone is sailing along a beautiful lake on a Gondola? Now is your chance to take the kids on one of these to explore parts of Vegas that you would never think to see. The boat seats up to 4 people. The Gondola sails through the Venetian Hotel as your very own personal Gondolier sings an Italian song for a 14-minute ride. If you like the sound of this, then you are going to enjoy the ride.

Catch a Las Vegas Show

Las Vegas is known as one of the best entertainment places in the entire world. Catch a Las Vegas show with the family. No worries, there are family-appropriate shows. You can see anything from a Broadway show to the magic in Cirque du Soleil, and even magicians and comedians displaying their talents to audiences. Get your tickets before any of these shows sell out and make it a great time in Las Vegas.

Have an Adventure at the Eiffel Tower Experience

Did you know that Las Vegas has a half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower located outside of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel? Experience the glorious view. Better yet, take the glass elevator up to the Eiffel tower at night when you can see all the lights illuminating around the city. The kids will love this view. Take a picture of the long-lasting memories.

Explore Animals at The Wildlife Habitat

Children love seeing animals. The Wildlife Habitat is a Las Vegas outdoor animal habitat. It is a fun place to see all sorts of animals from turtles, exotic birds, and a fountain of waterfalls. If you have the opportunity you may get to feed the animals right then and there. The zoo is open from the morning until dusk. It’s a chance to learn fun facts about animals and for children to see animals.

Go to the Titanic Exhibit

This is the place to go for all Titanic lovers out there. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is located in the Luxor Hotel and contains all sorts of interesting artifacts recovered from the loss of the great ship. Realistic replicas, personal tales of survivors, and even walk up the grand staircase. Spend a day learning facts and honoring the lives that were lost in the disaster.

Tips for International Travelers

Apply for an ESTA online the moment that you have decided that you want to travel to Las Vegas. Study the needed requirements before planning a trip to Las Vegas. If you are confused about your validity, check the government website to see what rules apply to your country. Fill out an ESTA US online and get a 90-day visa waiver to authorize you and the members of your family to travel. Filling out an ESTA only takes 20 minutes. Don’t fill one out the day you are going to walk on the plane. No, way there is not enough time! To be allowed on the plane, make sure to have all the valid papers and ESTA approval numbers with you.

How to Check Your ESTA Status

Even after filling out an ESTA USA status application, don’t automatically assume that everything is completed. The ESTA could get banned for reasons that you overstayed the allowable amount of time that you are required to stay. Check your position on your ESTA to see that you have it before traveling. An ESTA check is used to determine whether or not you can travel to the USA or not. To check your ESTA status on whether or not you are still valid, get in contact with a government website to aid you. While an ESTA indicates that you have the privilege to travel, it does not give approval for entry. Fill out an ESTA application and answer all the important questions asked.

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