10 Yummy South Indian Dishes You Should Try

South Indian Dishes


India weighs the heaviest when it comes to multiple things. Languages, religions, dresses, etc. and so on. On top of that, different parts of the country have different types of food they love to feast on. In the southern part of India, the breakfast items are well-famed.

So right below are acknowledged some of the South Indian dishes which is worth having once in a lifetime. Especially when someone visits southern India.

Top 10 South Indian Dishes


A well famed and mouth-watering dishes, dosas are somewhat like the dishes which is better known as crepes. However, these dosas are thinner are even crispier, sometimes like a potato chip if cooked accurately. Readied with fermented lentils and rice. These dosas are in the majority of the cases made of regular but not smaller size, preferred a bit hefty in sizes. Some say the bigger, the better. While on the other side, talking about dimensions, it takes up a whole plate to settle itself down.


What makes the Thali a bit out of the box dish as compared with most of the south Indian recipes. It is a combination of multiple dishes on a single plate. It appears more like a buffet which is decorated with a tray all over. This is the south Indian way of eating multiple dishes at the same time on the same plate. It is one of the most adorable ways of trying the south Indian meals. A thali is just a plate that most commonly comprises of rice, dishes, vegetables, curry curd, etc. and a whole lot that could be kept on a table, just depends on the size of the Thali, the number of dishes is decided with respect to that.

Sambar and Vada

Vada is a lentil made crispy snack which appears more like a chocolaty golden coloured doughnut. While talking about sambar, it is a liquid diet that is made from spices and tamarind along with veggies. The most common way of consuming it is eating it while dumping it into sambar, the vada to let it soak up and then have it. While a handful of the masses like it had with the chutney


Idli is small or can say a compact disc-like dish. It is appearance white in colour and feels spongy when held. Idli is made up of rice and lentils. It is most commonly consumed with chutney, sambar or even ghee in some parts of India. It is a very well famed breakfast item in most parts of India consumed by the masses while preferred with equal interest. These dishes are fermentation and are light and rich in carbohydrates and a healthy item too.

Ven Pongal

The Ven Pongal is considered one of the most well-famed breakfasts in the Tamil Nadu and southern parts of India. It is made up of dal and rice. The Ven Pongal is a very crispy yet scrumptious morning health item to be consumed. It is mostly preferred by the people who spend long hours of work.


The dish Uttapam appears more like a pancake. Appears as a flat pancake while being white. It is readied with rice, vegetable, and lentils. All of it mixed to make it tastier. It appears more like dosa hut in width it is thicker and compact as compared with dosa. The Uttapam can be consumed with chutney or sambar.


Rice porridge in southern India parts is known as Upma. It is churned along with onions and spicy chillies. Most preferred mostly while hot. It is a much-renowned dish for morning items or breakfast in Southern India.

Indian Filtered Coffee

The south Indian filtered coffee is a trendy liquid item. It is known for it is strong. And is made while making use of coffee filters and sugar along with milk. The milk is poured in a steel utensil the sugar and coffee are poured into the utensil. The Indian Filtered Coffee is made in a different style of utensil which can also be seen in South India. Along with a steel tumbler and bowls, a person can make his own, but the way south Indians serve it is unparalleled.


Rasam is just one more soup type eating item. It is readied from tomato, cumin, tamarind, and various other spices. The taste of the rasam is unique; meanwhile, it is just made up not using many items. It is on the brighter side very healthy.


The Idiyappam dish is a south Indian cuisine that appears like Maggi or Hakka noodles but white in colour. It appears like a steamed hoppers string and a very healthy breakfast item from the southern part of India. It can be consumed with curry or any vegetable stew as well.


South Indian breakfast items are known for being rich in proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Because it is fermented, it is healthy and light while very much beneficial for the one who consumes it.

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