Some Important Outdoor and Indoor Ac Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Ac Maintenance

AC maintenance is something that should be taken very seriously. This is because of the importance of this HVAC equipment in almost every part of the country. Even areas outside of the Sunbelt region need to have their Air Conditioning system functioning well for summer.

So, it needs to be maintained well enough. For more on this subject, you can visit:

This article is born out of the need to teach you how to properly maintain your Air Conditioning system. So, we suggest you keep reading. This is so that you will know some tips and tricks to help keep your AC in the right shape and state.

Some AC Maintenance Tips You Should Be Aware of

Frankly, there are many maintenance tips and tricks for your AC and we cannot discuss them all here. However, we will shed light on some important ones below:

Take Good Care of Your Coils

The coil is an integral part of your AC’s outdoor unit. It is also responsible for releasing hot air from inside the house and supplying cool one into it.

It is exposed to natural elements and is likely to get obstructed with dirt and debris because it is outdoors. So, you should make sure it is not this way.

If you notice it is dirty, you should clean it with water. Simply use a garden hose with medium pressure. This is so that you do not damage the fragile fins.

This also means you should not use a pressure or power washer. The force of the water can damage the fins and affect the coils negatively.

You should also make sure the power supply to your AC’s outdoor unit is disconnected before doing this. Avoiding electrical accidents of any kind is the reason for this. You can do this by turning it off at the switch inside the outdoor unit.

Or better still, we advise you just turn off the electrical disconnect in the form of a box enclosure outside or a special breaker. This is a lot safer.

Inspect the Wiring

A lot usually happens during cold periods when the AC is not being used. For instance, you might notice a mouse’s nest near the outdoor unit.

As a result, some wires may have been tampered with. So, you are to inspect the wiring. Make sure there are no disconnected, bare, or damaged wires.

The electrical whip that connects the outdoor unit to the power source should be a place of interest when inspecting. Call on your air conditioning repair service provider if you notice any faults with the wiring. We strongly suggest you do not handle this yourself.

Make Sure Your Filter Is Good Enough

There are several parts of your Air Conditioning system you are not advised to touch. These parts are best handled by professionals.

Well, the filter is not one of those places. It is even your responsibility to make sure this important AC component is always in the right state. You are also tasked with the responsibility of replacing it if it is not in the right state and shape.

Start by taking out the filter to know if it is in the right state and shape. First, make sure it is not clogged with dirt. Afterward, place it somewhere bright and check if you can see through it. You should consider replacing it if you cannot see through the filter.

Furthermore, make sure the placement of the filter is appropriate. It has to align with the flow of air into the AC. You should check as there should be an arrow sign to aid proper placement.

Turning the Humidifier On and Off

Not every one of these appliances comes with the humidifier feature. You should make sure yours is turned off during the summer period if you have this feature.

This is very important as the air conditioning system will not dehumidify or cool the right way when this feature is turned on. So, remember to do the needful.

Check the AC Drain Line

Pouring some water (and possibly bleach) down the AC’s drain line will help you know if it is clogged or not. There are DIY measures you can take to resolve the problem if it is clogged. For more on this subject, you can read this article.

Wrap Up

We have shared some important AC maintenance tips and tricks for your indoor and outdoor unit. You should also know that your thermostat is important.

So, you should cross-check its temperature readings with a read-through thermometer. Both readings should be the same or slightly different. We advise that you put the relevant AC maintenance information shared here to good use, especially for the summer.

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