The 3 Best Coliving Companies in New York

Best Coliving Companies

Coliving can be your new and dream lifestyle. However, the question is how to choose the right Coliving. Which company should you use for this? How do you know which one is best for you?

Whenever the word Coliving is mentioned, everyone immediately knows what is being implied. It’s simply about sharing common areas in one apartment or house, mostly with people you don’t know, or you know just a little about. 

There are various advantages to Coliving, but ranking above them all is that the rent of an apartment or house is distributed among all tenants. You can also have your own private room or a room that you will occupy with one or more persons. It all depends on your financial capabilities. 

Coliving is nowadays very popular, especially with the younger generation who usually work from home or need to share their ideas with like-minded persons, or they are students or interns of various organizations. Coliving is rapidly becoming one of the most reasonable options for affordable housing in major urban areas.

Thanks to the present internet era, various startups and companies are being created, which offer both sale and rental of real estate of various kinds. One of the current trends are the so-called Coliving companies. These are companies that are primarily engaged in renting houses and apartments where different persons live together as roommates.

If you are presently in a situation where you are looking for housing, Coliving might just be one of the most advantageous options for you. However, the question of which Coliving company to go for arises. There are many Coliving companies, but only a few of them are really of high quality. It can be said that these few companies are the market leaders in New York City.

How do you choose a company that will provide you with quality Coliving? We will answer this question in this article. There are many companies providing Coliving services, but only a few of them are really of high quality, and we will tell you about three of them in this article. 

The companies discussed below are some of the best in the city. New York offers many opportunities for Coliving. In our opinion, these are the three best companies that can provide you quality Coliving in New York. Why did we pick them? Read on, and with a little luck, we will help you make decisions and choose the best Coliving company – for you.


It is definitely one of the largest Coliving companies on the market. Common currently operates in 9 cities, offers 56 different properties, and has more than 3,200 members. 

Their lease ranges between 3 and 12 months. Most members sign-on to a year-long lease and have the option of renewing their lease or transferring to another Common home in another city. 

Common also has a community app that serves as a central hub of information for its members: a directory, event catalog, live chat, and the newest perks like discounts to local and national brands. Applicants apply online and must pass financial and background checks. Prospective members are then briefly interviewed over the phone. 

They were founded in 2015 by Brad Hargreaves, who is the creator of the computer education hub—General Assembly.

Aleph Coliving

Aleph was founded last year. Its main city is New York, where it operates in six locations in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, and Stuyvesant Heights; the company is expanding to Manhattan and the UK in 2019. 

On their website, they said: You can choose an initial lease length of anywhere between 3-18 months. If you love the living Aleph provides, you can always extend your lease. Residents are also free to move between our properties without any sort of penalty.” 

Aleph says it sets itself apart from other co-living operations with its “ultra-personalized attention.” This may appeal to folks far from home: The company describes itself as “that nurturing mother that’s constantly taking care of you.” Prospective members fill out an application, have an in-person interview, and are screened on both credit checks and background checks.


One of the main Coliving companies that operate mainly in New York is SharedEasy. Their vision is to simplify the complicated process of renting a room in NYC. They have 24/7 Support Teams, and with them, you can move in almost immediately. 

SharedEasy has their own houses and apartments. They offer the best possible locations, and all their properties are fully furnished. The minimum lease is 30 days. They said on their website “No, we simplified this process to be as easy as possible. Of course, we have a background check for safety purposes, but we do not require much paperwork about your income, savings, and guarantors. We guarantee the easiest application process ever if you don’t have anything to hide.” 

And why should you choose just them? They answered you themselves on their website: “Everything we do, from our modern design to our special touches, to our site selection, to our hiring process, to our onboarding and application process, to our community events and perks like gym memberships and unlimited coworking access in Manhattan, we keep you and your needs at the top of our mind. Our commitment to the community and our attention to detail sets us apart.”

Of course, it’s up to you which company you choose. If you tried, you would find other companies, but we have chosen the best ones for you, so that your decision-making is better and, above all, more comfortable. 

If you look at these companies in detail, you will find that they are really trying to offer their clients the best possible service. However, every client longs for something different, and Coliving companies differ in many details you will encounter when trying to choose a company. 

We encourage you to review each company and decide which is best for you, and which will provide you with what you require. 

Of course, the priority is location, and each of these companies offers Coliving in different parts of the city. Therefore, we would recommend that you start with choosing an area and then decide on a specific company. If this company has real estate in the locality you have chosen, you have won by half. We wish you good luck.

Finally, if you want to find all the New York city coliving listings from the companies above and more in one place, check out Diggz’s NYC Coliving search platform. They have up to date coliving listings from the best companies in the city and you can reach out to all, directly from their site. You can review the locations, amenities and rates of all of them and pick the right one for you.


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