Did You Know That Bangalore is a Happening Place?

places to visit in bangalore

“I know something about Bangalore. I have heard that it is a ‘Garden City’ It must be beautiful, but I would love to know more about Bangalore!” 

Well, here is your answer. Bangalore is currently referred to as Bengaluru! It was one place that British soldiers loved to retreat to when India was a British colony. Read further if you want to learn more about this beautiful and dynamic city including some of the best places to visit in Bangalore!

What to visit in Bangalore?

If you have ever taken a leisurely stroll along with one of Bangalore’s bustling streets, you may have been impressed by the immense modernity and newness of this growing metro. After all, Bangalore is one of India’s largest high-tech hubs! But there is much more to one of India’s largest metros than this. If you want the experience of a lifetime, these are some of the best places to visit in Bangalore!

  • Bangalore Palace
  • Cubbon Park
  • MG Road Bangalore
  • Lal Bagh
  • Bannerghatta National Park

Bangalore Palace

“India has had a lot of kings and princes, so I imagine that it has a lot of palaces as well! Please tell me more about the Bangalore Palace?”

Well, besides being one of the most heavily visited places in Bangalore, it is also one of its most beautiful and most talked about! A visit here will treat you to the best of Medieval British Gothic architecture. It really looks like a place fit for royalty when viewed from the outside.

This is one of Bangalore’s centerpieces in terms of historic buildings and landmarks. Bangalore Palace was constructed in 1878. The British people who were taking care of the minor king Chamarajendra Wadiyar bought the palace grounds five years earlier from Rev J. Garrett. He was the principal of Bangalore Central High School.

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Bangalore Palace occupies 45,000 square feet. It is made out of wood but has intricately beautiful carvings that depict royal life. The place is popular and aesthetic. That’s what makes it the go-to place for major events like music concerts, weddings, and other cultural events. The palace’s architecture was inspired by Windsor Castle in London.

Walk inside the palace and you’ll see lots of interesting things that would only be found in palace-like granite seats on the ground floor which are decorated with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles. Other interesting things are a Ballroom which looks like the one in the famous fairy tale, Cinderella, paintings from the famous Indian painter, Raja Ravi Verma, walls that are covered with vines, and the Durbar Hall.

Cubbon Park

It’s one of the top Bangalore tourist places. It enjoys mild weather throughout the year and is open from 6 AM until 6 PM Tuesday through Sunday. It’s closed every Monday and the second Tuesday of the month! Lord Cubbon built the park and it has a lot of great species of flowers and plants from around the world. You’ll love looking at the diversity of life there!

The park is one of the best tourist places in Bangalore because of its 6,000 trees. Venture deep into the park, and you’ll find India’s second-largest aquarium, The Bangalore Aquarium. You’ll be treated by other tourist places near Bangalore which are close to the park. They are the Attara Kacheri, Cubbon Park Museum, and the Seshadri Iyer Memorial Park.  Cubbon Park spans 300 acres and was built by Sir John Meade in 1870.

The park was renamed Sri Chamarajendra park in 1927 to celebrate his 50th year of rule in Mysore state. Karnataka State’s Department of Horticulture currently owns and manages the park.

MG Road Bangalore

MG is short for one of India’s great freedom fighters, Mahatma Gandhi. Being a very busy street, it is full of many things to do in Bangalore. One being shopping. A visit here will allow you to buy the best in South Indian handicrafts, silk sarees, Kanjivaram Sarees, silverware, and cup sets made out of bone china. Another thing to do is savoring the great cuisine that many street vendors and restaurants sell. Many pubs will allow you to enjoy draughts from around the world!

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh is a beautiful garden which is also one of the best places to visit in Bangalore. It is a botanical wonderland because it contains 1874 species of diverse and interesting plants from around the world including France, Iran, and Afghanistan. Its history stretches back three centuries to the late 18th century. The great Sultan Haider Ali built the garden in which Tipu Sultan (his son) finished. Tourists love seeing the Lal Bagh rock which is only a billion and a half years younger than Earth is.

If you love sightseeing while vacationing, Lal Bagh has many interesting treats in store for you, one of which is a glass house that hosts an annual flower show. The expansive gardens are also home to a lake and aquarium. Many birds feed off of the berries and insects which live on the plants. These bird species include Myna, parakeets, crows, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Common Egret, and Purple Moorhen.

Bannerghatta National Park

Another one of the Bangalore tourist places is Bannerghatta National Park. It was built in 1971 and is home to India’s first butterfly park. The butterfly park is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Sunday. The Grand Safari is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Sunday. The park is closed on Tuesdays. Kids under six years old can tour the park for free, adults pay INR 80. Kids between 6 and 12 pay INR 40, senior citizens pay INR 50, foreigner adults pay INR 400 and foreigner kids pay INR 300. The park is home to many species of endangered plants, birds, insects, and animals from around the world. 

Bannerghatta National Park is full of many things to see which include

  • Ten reserve forests of Anekal Range of the Bangalore Forest Division
  • Aquarium
  • Zoo
  • A park for kids
  • Crocodile park
  • Snake park
  • Museum
  • Prehistoric animals park

The park’s daily jungle safari will allow you to see the many species of animals which include elephants, leopards, jackals, foxes, wild boars, sloth bears, Indian gazelles, spotted deer, porcupines, Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal tigers, monitor lizards, and cobras, among others in their natural environments. Its many trails make for great hiking and trekking opportunities.  You will find many sports facilities inside the park as well.

I never knew Bangalore was so interesting!

“I knew that Bangalore was a major city in India, but that was about it. I never knew Bangalore was very interesting with many interesting places to see and things to do. I think I’ll visit Bangalore for my next vacation!”

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