Best Restaurants to Order Your Favourite Pizza Without Scare of Covid 19

best pizza restaurants

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”. India has been under complete lockdown since March 2020 after the Coronavirus pandemic. How are you Pizza lovers coping with this long-distance relationship with your favourite pizza? Quite upsetting, right? And now, even after we have entered Lockdown 5.0, where all restaurants and food-delivery services have been resumed, we are not sure if it’s safe to order or not.

What if we say that you can relish your favourite Pizza slice, loaded with cheese, crispy veggies and an exact amount of seasonings? Of course, it is going to be safe and flavourful. We have curated a list of best pizza restaurants that are taking good care of hygiene and following all the safety measures for their customers. Also, they are up with some great discounts too.

Best Restaurants to order Pizza amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Domino’s Pizza

Hello Best Friend, Long time no see! Our very own Pizza destination, Domino’s, is making amends in its service during lockdown to keep serving its customers. The restaurant has launched a Zero Contact delivery service to make sure that all the orders are delivered as per the guidelines of the lockdown. Customer’s safety comes first is what Domino’s has always believed in and is still doing its best to facilitate the fan-base. Moreover, they have introduced special Domino’s discount coupons to give up to 25% discounts on every online order.

As they say, ‘No matter what the situation is, pizza always helps’. And when it is a customised Pizza from Domino’s, what else can be better? So, order your Veg or Non-Veg pizza now online and get served with quality service at your door-steps.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a restaurant which has always been endeavouring to serve a hygienic environment for the customers. It has also optimised its delivery services with the entire focus on maximising the sales without alienating its customers. The restaurant is also conducting regular temperature checks, sanitisation, etc. to maintain the safety standards. Also, use of masks and gloves has been made mandatory.

From safe packaging to Zero Contact delivery, Pizza Hut is trying to deliver its tasteful bites to its customers with a better delivery service. All the necessary precautions are being taken. Nonetheless, it is advised to reheat your food before consuming.

Ovenstory Pizza

“Next level Pizza with Next level safety” is what Ovenstory claims. One of the best pizza restaurants, Ovenstory Pizza in encouraging its customers to order online and get orders delivered under strict safety surveillance. The restaurant has been working with medically certified staff and ensuring stringent quality checks every day.

You can order from a wide range of differently topped, flavoured and seasoned pizzas and some finger-licking side items at good discounts. There are Peri-Peri, Chipotle, El Classica and Tandoori Cheese options available on all exclusive Pizzas.

The Big Chill Cafe

The Big Chill Cafe is mostly popular for it’s cakery and patisserie section but it also has a wide range of Pizzas and Pastas on the menu. From the crust to the flavour, Big Chill offers its customers with delicacy Pizzas such as All Cheese Pizza, Al Fungi Pizza (Mushroom),  Quattro Formaggi, Peri Peri Pizza Pizza, Chickonaca Pizza, and more. And now, the cafe has decided to offer takeaway & delivery services for its customers. However, the service is currently available in selected outlets only.

Customers can use their exclusive discount vouchers to save on the billing amount. The staff is making sure of daily temperature checks and maintaining social distancing while preparing your orders to make sure the food is safe. One can use middle applications such as Swiggy or Zomato to place their orders online at ease.

La Pino’Z Pizza

Another dominator in the market for best Pizza to eat is La Pino’Z Pizza. This restaurant has not restricted its menu to just Pizzas but also makes some exquisite dishes including Pastas, Tacos and Quesadillas, Chicken Wings, Garlic Breads and more. You can also get new user discounts on all online orders during lockdown. There are some unique and exclusive pizzas such as Pesto & Basil Pizza, Burn to Hell Pizza, Sweet Heat and Hawaiian Pizza; each of which has a combination of hand-picked toppings customised according to the preferences of the customer.

The restaurant is offering Zero Contact delivery for the customers and ensuring proper sanitation in the Kitchen as well as with the staff. So, you can definitely order from La Pino’Z and experience a new taste to your Pizza taste buds.

Chicago Pizza

Last, but surely not the least, is Chicago Pizza which serves one of the most relished pizzas. Its Chicken Meatballs and Smoked Delight Pizza are best-sellers amongst the other exclusive items. The restaurant has put forth unique items and ideas with an authentic fusion of two different flavours.

As far as hygiene and delivery during lockdown is concerned, Chicago Pizza is taking necessary measures during these unprecedented times. Ever since India is under lockdown due to the virus, Chicago Pizza has shifted its entire service online and is welcoming the customers via digital orders. Sanitisation, Health Check-ups and Cleanliness are some of the basic factors that are taken care of to safeguard the customers as well as the staff. Thereby, you can go to the website, add to cart all the best items that you wish to order and wait for your food to be delivered at your door-steps.

So, if you can now give up on your cravings and navigate to the restaurant website to order your favourite pizza at home. Safety is definitely a concern at such difficult times because everything and anything could be dangerous. The best resort is to make sure that whatever your body is coming in contact with is clean & has no bacteria. Pizza delivery services have been introduced with zero contact amendments in order to keep serving the customers. Therefore, place your order online and use exclusive coupons to get discounts. Do not forget looking out for online order discounts which are available on different websites especially during lockdown.

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  1. I have ordered pizza from dominos during this pandemic period. I must say that dominos offers contactless delivery and the delivery boy wears a mask and gloves. The pizza comes in good packaging and is totally safe.

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