The Best Shades Of Red For Every Season

Best Shades Of Red

Let’s talk about the color red. It is one that gets a lot of attention as it is quite simply an eye-catching color that brings conversations to a screeching halt. This is probably why it is the go-to color for such things as stop signs, fire trucks, and any other sign or vehicle that requires everyone within plain sight to notice and take heed. Red is that kind of color. It is dominating and demanding. Depending on the shade of red, it sometimes yells “look at me” and often gets its way. But what is the best shade or shades of red to wear during each season? We are going to take a look at that in just a moment.

A Brief History of The Color Red

We told you that red was significant. That’s because it happens to sit at the very end of the visible spectrum of light. Red occupies the space next to orange and opposite of purple. Red is a primary color in both the RGB and CMYK color models and fills the role of the complementary color to cyan (a shade of blue). When you start examining the many different shades of red, there is a wide spectrum that runs from scarlet, with a yellow tinge, to burgundy, which contains a dark red. Red as a color happens to date back to prehistoric times where ochre was used to create a “paint” that was utilized in art. Face painting with red was common with Ancient Egyptians and Mayans and even Roman generals used red paint to cover their bodies following a victorious battle. Red was also a significant color used in China on everything from early pottery to palace walls and gates. The first synthetic red dyes were produced in the 19th century and have always had symbolic ties to such things as courage, danger, and sacrifice.

Breaking Down The Color Barrier

It is interesting to note that red is all around us. It naturally occurs in nature. You’ve seen it on fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and peppers to name a few. However, when we refer to something being red, we tend to mean something closer to a reddish-brown color. This is evident in the animal world where an Irish Setter dog is more brownish than red and red hair on a person is more of a burgundy or copper color than red. Speaking of redheads, only about one to two percent of the human population has red hair. It is the result of these individuals having a pair of a certain recessive gene on chromosome 16 in their DNA. Redheads have been known by that term for over 500 years and during that time have either been ridiculed or admired, depending on the cultural standards of the resident redhead.

Breaking Down Reds To Wear By Season

The whole point of this article is to help you to determine which shade of red is best to wear at specific times of the year. We figured the easiest way to break it down for you is to go by season. Since fashions tend to shift each season, so should the shades of red that you should be wearing. 

Winter – January, February, March

This is the time of year to pull out all stops and go for the deep and bright shades of red. This includes vibrant scarlet red to shades that resemble red wine and to burgundy. For example, burgundy socks can be a nice accessory to pair with a burgundy sweater or shirt for a bold winter look. No Cold Feet has even more tips when it comes to burgundy socks. Think of wearing saturated color as opposed to faded or light shades. During Winter you should be looking for vibrancy but steer clear of those shades that can turn your skin to a yellowish tint. That would be anything that contains a bright, orange-red shade. Also, keep away from softer fruit reds which can give you a washed out appearance.

Spring – April, May, June

Spring is the time of regrowth and along with that comes bright, vibrant colors. Think of ripe red fruit and veggies for inspiration. That’s right, tomato reds, strawberry reds, the reds you see inside a nice, juicy watermelon will also work well in Spring. You have a lot to choose from here but there are also shades to avoid as they will flatten your skin tone. These avoid-at-all-cost color shades would include anything that has even a slight hint of burgundy in it or any red with the word “dusty” in it. Dusty Rose is an example. Don’t even toy with wearing any of those.

Summer – July, August, September

Again, turn to nature for your inspiration. Only this time around, look at the colors of late-season fruit such as raspberries or plums. In other words, instead of the bright reds, now you may want to focus on the softer, deeper shades of red that include those that are closer to pink but only have a hint of pink in them. Deeper wine reds and even a deep burgundy can work here so consider reds in Summer as those that are a bit softer in intensity and either has a pinky or purplish tone. Colors to stay away from include orange and rusty shades that will make you look ill.

Autumn – October, November, December

You know how bright tree leaves get at this time of year, right? Well, flaming reds and those with orange in them are your best choices in Autumn. Soft rust shades are also good at this time of year. Think of more of the reddish-brown direction than dark red and you should be able to find the winning color. However, in Autumn you should avoid pinkish reds and burgundies as they can make you look greyish. That’s not the color you want to dominate any wardrobe during probably the most colorful time of the year. That is if you are a fan of Autumn and the natural art that it brings.

In Conclusion

Well, there you go. You now know everything there is to know about adding the right shades of red to your wardrobe according to the time of year. Remember, red will get attention. But by wearing it correctly, you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll fit into the seasonal fashions much better.

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