5 Best Sites to Buy Soundcloud Followers and Plays

Soundcloud Followers

What is Soundcloud? Sound cloud is an open audio platform for listeners, creators, and curators. It allows you to listen and upload to any music as long as you have rights. In addition, sound clouds promote music and podcasts distribution online. It has free services, but you can opt to go premium, especially for offline listeners.

The monthly subscription for Soundcloud sells at $4.99, whereas that of the Go+ version is $9.99.The Go+ version offers high-quality audio streaming in addition to access to their platforms catalogue. It has seventy-six million registered users and one and seventy million monthly listeners, making it the best digital for selling out your music.


Jaynike is a leading digital market in promoting music and videos. They have a long- time experience in the music promotion industry. In addition, Jaynike always gives real people, unlike other service providers who offer bots for your music and video promotions. Initially, Jaynike was a small company; but its good reputation has made it a significant seller in the music industry.

Therefore, buying Soundcloud followers from Jaynike will be the ideal solution to your career growth. Their deliveries are fast and efficient, ensuring you capture your targets. Moreover, their price is favourable despite the high-quality services. Jaynike rates SoundCloud followers is $3.95 for one hundred followers, while SoundCloud plays cost $1.95 for one thousand plays. That is super good.

However, their meagre rates may induce you with wrong thinking of delays and poor quality. 


Socialgreg is the true definition of music and social media services. It is a service provider that offers multiple and quality in the music industry. Its impeccable reputation has thrown artists and music to the highest grounds. Socialgreg can cater to over fifty-thousand clients efficiently. They offer attractive, affordable packages. They do not bleed your wallet dry. Their attractive rates stand as low as $ 0.99.

Socialgreg teams of professionals are always awake. They work and tackle your problems 24/7, thus making their customer support the best. Do you want a quick business deal? Socialgreg is here for you; within no time, they deliver your services Socialgreg introduces new marketing strategies often, hence more growth in your music. Interaction with many clients may keep you pondering about their delivery; however, working around the clock and with professionals saves you the worry.


Socialwick is another excellent site for buying SoundCloud followers and plays. It offers the best choice of Soundcloud followers and plays. A high-quality profile also boosts your number of SoundCloud followers, thanks to Socialwick. If you want quick and fast deliveries of services, Socialwick offers instant deliveries. They are generous enough to refill SoundCloud plays for thirty days.

You may have the worst experience with bots. Socialwick values actual. Bots can contribute to your defamation; even the main plan here is to have a magnitude of followers.

Buying SoundCloud has minimal requirements. All you need is a username, email, and money. Passwords are not crucial in Socialwick. Their prices and packages are attractive; they are pocket-friendly.

They are robust, which might lead to delays in service deliveries.


Famups is the following site where you can buy high-quality SoundCloud followers and plays. They have a long-time experience in the business, hence making them your right choice. As an artist, you want simple marketing strategies; famups offer honest and high-quality plays. Furthermore, they guarantee a zero-risk business; such an assurance builds your confidence.

They are fast enough when delivering their services; buy SoundCloud plays and start enjoying them instantly. The longest time they take to deliver their services is a maximum of twelve hours. When it comes to their customer support, they are at a top rank. They handle your questions and queries professionally. However, communicating with them may hinder instant solutions for problems; they only have emails and live chat options.

If the internet fails, that means you are unable to reach them. Despite their high-quality services, their prices and packages are affordable. Their option to refund fully if an order fails can be a significant business setback; you may lose a business opportunity.

Get Real Boost

As the name suggests, get real Boost offers real SoundCloud followers and plays at its best. Their efficient market strategies ensure you get high-quality plays and great fame. They can play from five thousand to fifty million plays. In addition, Get Real boost offers their services in high confidentiality.

However, their capability to play millions of plays may slow down their service deliveries. It may also offer poor quality of services.


Searching for the best site to buy SoundCloud followers and plays can take you quite a while. You can even end up buying bots when you want something real. As an artist, you may encounter sites that promise fast deliveries only to turn you down. As an artist, you may decide to go for cheap only to get poor quality. However, the above list of sites allows you to make the right choice on where to buy sound cloud followers and plays.

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