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IT Services

We are living in a digital age and with the Internet of Things just around the corner, we are preparing to enter a new dimension of digital tech that brings global high-speed connectivity to all. Every business and organization should be taking advantage of the many benefits IT services have to offer like this company VInet advice- Newcastle, as they strive to compete with growing competition and if you have not yet seriously looked at your IT structure and what it is doing for your business, this article was written with you in mind.

Here are just some of the services offered by a leading Managed IT services company in Fort Pierce:

Cloud networking

If you would like to migrate your business data onto the cloud, look no further than your local IT support company, which creates and manages secure cloud networks for its many clients. Have 24/7 access to your remotely stored business data from any location; either by cellphone, tablet, laptop or PC device and the service provider is always monitoring your network and more importantly, top cyber-security applications are in place. Automatic backup ensures you never lose data, while you decide who gets access to what, as you are the network controller, so to speak. Online collaboration allows groups to work on projects regardless of their geographical location and all connections are secure.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is the next level of digital connectivity, with real-time video and a whole host of collaboration tools; those money-hungry telecom corporations that charge by the minute are no longer holding you to ransom. Internet telephony is no newcomer to the business arena and with today’s high bandwidths, there’s no buffering with video calls, giving you crystal clear reception no matter where you are. Zoom and Skype are two examples of VoIP platforms and if you want to take your business to the next level of real-time contact, the managed IT services company has all the solutions. The money you will save by quitting cell phone use can be used for other things; Internet telephony has developed to a point that every organization should be using this real-time communication platform that uses the Internet, not cell networks. If you would like a free demo, your local IT support company can certainly do that and in no time, you can say goodbye to those huge phone bills. Here is an interesting article on how blockchain will affect the world of business, which seems inevitable.


As you know, whenever you login to the web, you are putting your data at risk and while a free antivirus program might be OK for a private individual, a business needs professional cyber-security. We’ve all heard the horror stories of millions of users having their details hacked, which can be used in a number of ways; identity theft is on the rise and hackers engage a diverse range of techniques to steal data. Talk to a leading IT support company like PacGenesis and ask them to assess your existing online protection, which is free and without obligation; what have you got to lose? Data theft is more common than you would think and the FBI are busy looking into reports of cyber-crimes committed in the US.

Hardware support

Every organization has IT hardware; equipment like PCs, digital screens, printers and other peripherals all need to be monitored and when there are issues, which is often, you have an IT support partner to keep you online. Local area networks, for example, demand 24/7 management and all IT hardware is under the umbrella of IT support, leaving you free to focus on other things.

If you are not reaping the rewards of cloud networking, perhaps you should consider the pluses and minuses (there aren’t any minuses) of migrating to the cloud. Real-time video on demand awaits the business owner that switches to VoIP and for a lot less than regular telephone networks, which makes it even more appealing.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking IT isn’t that important and with a local Toronto based managed IT services company, you have the perfect digital partner to develop your business network.

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