3 Cosmetology’s Impact On Health

Cosmetology's Impact

How do you feel when you know that you look good? Your clothes look great, you smell good, and your make-up and hair are spot on. Don’t you find yourself walking a little taller with a smile? Your mood and aura will be at an all-time high. The positive feelings will be clear for all to see.

There is an interesting term that describes the psychology behind dressing well. Enclothed cognition postulates that what you wear determines how you think. And the same applies to how others perceive you.

Adam D. Galinsky and Hajo Adam came up with the term in 2012. They set out to prove the hypothesis using white lab coats. They observed that the physical experience of wearing a lab coat increased attentiveness.

But feeling good by looking good extends beyond clothing. We also spend a lot of time and money on personal grooming. This includes hair, skincare, nails, and everything under cosmetology.

Cosmetology; What Is It?

Cosmetology covers everything to do with beauty treatments. We are talking about hair care, skin care, nail care, aesthetic procedures, and cosmetics. What this means for students is the wide range of areas of specialization. These include general or medical estheticians, hair colorists, and skincare consultants. 

There are different requirements and course periods for each line. Let’s say you want to go into the field of providing skincare services. Start by getting to know what an esthetician is and the type of services you will be providing. The next is how long it takes to become an esthetician. 

Each state has different requirements on the hours of training you must undertake. Students must also take written and practical exams. 

If you are already one, use the nail practice test to prepare for the exams. The online test is free and uses past content from the esthetics state board exams. You get help preparing for the written exam. Many students find this part very challenging.

Cosmetology and Health

As stated earlier, cosmetology can either positively or negatively affect our health. This is somehow brought upon what we think of our appearance. But how can we get health benefits from cosmetology?

1. Stress Elimination 

Stress in itself is not a bad thing. Indeed, a small amount can be a great motivator to improve yourself. The danger comes in when stress levels get too high. It can result in health conditions like indigestion, insomnia, and weight loss.

Indeed, your health, in general, will be very poor with stress. Yet, with the demands of modern living, high-stress levels are nothing new. It is crucial to find a way to cope and an outlet; otherwise, your health will suffer.

One of the best ways to relax is to get in a day of pampering. Many people will book spa days and go for a massage, soak in a hot tub, or facial. It feels great when the esthetician works their magic on your skin as you relax.

The same applies to going for a manicure or pedicure. The soothing action of the foot or hand massage can work wonders on your stress levels. Best of all, you come out looking great at the end of the session.

2. Cosmetology and Self-Esteem

Individuals with low self-esteem tend to suffer from depression, negative thoughts, and anxiety. All this will have a significant impact on your health.

It is also not uncommon to find such individuals adopt negative coping mechanisms. Drug or alcohol abuse and self-harm can be some of the avenues to escape the negative feelings.

The services cosmetologists offer can be a significant boost to self-esteem. Take a look at some of the popular makeover shows. People who never thought they would look good find great confidence afterward.

Some of the sessions are with cosmetologists. Those with skincare issues get valuable advice from medical estheticians. Hair makeovers and make-up sessions also bring out their best features. You can immediately see the boost in their confidence.

3. Better Physical Health

Cosmetology is not only about beauty. Practitioners can detect issues that could impact your health. Medical estheticians, for example, specialize in dermatology. You will find them in medical settings, spas, and salons.

The consultations will include skin examination and recommendations for a suitable skincare regime. They also provide help to patients with skin trauma and other conditions. You can also use their services to age with grace.

Cosmetologists specializing in hair care can identify scalp diseases. They can then recommend safe practices and products. This will help avoid further exacerbating the conditions. Some will advise on the use of natural products. Such are safer options than those containing large amounts of chemicals.

Many people attach a ton of importance to their hair. Losing it for any reason can lead to depression and loss of self-esteem. Proper maintenance can avoid loss of hair.  That is why it is important to consult experts on how best to manage your hair.

Irreversible medical conditions like alopecia can lead to hair loss. Trained cosmetologists would be able to walk you through the process. they will also advise on what to expect going forward. Such consultations can be a great comfort to sufferers. It helps to talk to someone who understands what they are going through.

The same applies to nail technicians. They can identify infections on the nails, nail bed, or cuticles. It allows for the early treatment of such conditions before they get worse.

Final Thoughts

As human beings, we attach great importance to how we look. When you dress up and look in the mirror, the images can bring a lot of positive feelings. It dispels the popular thought that we dress up for other people.

We are not negating that it feels good to get compliments on how you look. But the first and most significant boost to your esteem and feelings comes from you. We have shared some of the benefits of cosmetology to health.

Using cosmetology services can have a great impact on your mental health. It can relieve stress and depression and give you positive coping mechanisms. Looking good will boost your self-esteem and result in positive thoughts and feelings. You also get the benefit of better physical health by consulting trained cosmetologists.

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