What is Crypto Art & Factors that Aided in the Growth of the Croup Art Community

Crypto Art

Just when the world thought that the field of art and culture would remain unaltered even when at the dawn of the technological revolution, blockchain technology changed how the world viewed art. Digital paintings have attracted more attention than live ones in recent years and the cost of purchasing them would take digital currencies and not simply cash. How did the transition take place? The answer lies in the aspect of Crypto Art.

What is Crypto Art?

Crypto Art is more than the conventional art forms. It refers to the digital or real cryptocurrency-based forms of art and physical artwork as well which are allocated tokens on a blockchain technology platform. In this case, either the physical or digital art forms are acceptable.

Crypto Art s is a unique form of art, digitized and associated with rare and digital tokens that are found on a blockchain platform.

Through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the concept of uniqueness, ownership, digital shortage, and collectibles make the artwork valuable. NFTs are nothing but a digital assistant and tradeable nevertheless.

These are unique digital artwork, often referred to as digital transactional cards, and are entirely dependent on the idea of digital shortage or scarcity.

This is where it began 

It all began in 2014. Monegraph was one of the earliest platforms where artists were allowed to create unique codes related to their respective artworks and stored on a blockchain platform. Artists were also allowed to sell their artworks as per their choice.

Two years later, in 2016, Rare Pepe was introduced on Counterparty, a blockchain platform, after there was an increased demand for the same.

Following this, in 2018, an entire festival named Rare Art Fest, held in New York City, was dedicated to Crypto Art and unique digital artworks. There was no looking back for Crypto Art after that as the community of Crypto started booming and continues.

Crypto Artwork or Crypto artists refrain from adhering to the usual definitions of Crypto Art, instead, it focuses on several aspects of digital art culture. There are several factors, that aided in the growth of the croup art community, some of which are:

  • Geographically skeptical: Crypto Art is the first true movement in global art that is empowered and supported by the Internet and where artists from all around the globe participate.
  • Digitally authentic: Creation, editioning, purchasing, and digital selling of artwork can now be done for the first time through the updated version and others.
  • Permissionless/democratic: Regardless of the artist’s skills, class, training, gender, age, race, creed, or any other discriminating factors, all are encouraged to participate.
  • Decentralization: Guidelines and tools are curated for reducing the powers of middlemen and gatekeepers and increases the independence of Crypto artists.
  • Nondescript: Pseudonym usage allows different artists to make and sell artwork without having to mandatorily disclose one’s identity. This allows the artist to avoid any judgments.
  • Imitative: Crypto Art is nothing but an imitation of another, valued for its capability to expand quickly.
  • Self-sourced: Crypto artists sometimes play around with references and sources to personalities and primary events within the blockchain and cryptocurrency culture.
  • Non-commissioned: Crypto artists do not have to pay any commission for their artwork to be released on a Blockchain platform and are remunerated for every sale made.
  • Uniqueness: Since Crypto Art is visible to everyone, making judgments based on traditional characteristics of artists and artwork kills the authenticity of the digital art form. Thus, the most suitable way to judge the value of Crypto Art is through the potency of creativity and expression.


Crypto artists can be categorized under two different sections: self-taught artists and tech-savvy artists.

  • Self-taught artists: These Crypto artists are typically self-trained or untrained who are empowered by the means of independent platforms, designed for budding artists. These art platforms help artists by providing all the required tools for creating, purchasing, and selling artwork on any blockchain station.
  • Tech-savvy artists: These Crypto artists are trained artists who are eligible to reveal their own rare, controlled, and limited digital art.

In recent times, much value has been added to artwork based on blockchain technology and released on a blockchain platform since technology has taken new turns and twists.

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