5 Emojis To Use With Someone You Fancy


It’s the old-age dilemma: how to strike a conversation with someone who caught your eye? Well, in this day and age, it’s easier than ever before. With the advent of the Internet, almost 90%  of millennials – or the people who are likely more to date – have a smartphone. That means they can either text or call. Better yet, most will surely have a social media account, an advantage if you want to talk with them in a more relaxed and chill manner.

Digital communication has had a boom in the past decade. Social media messages in the forms of chat, DMs, PMs, etc. continue to increase year after year. Emojis is a big part of digital communication. These little pictographs of emotions, weather, icons, things, and many others provide for a better understanding of the context in many online dialogues. In this article, we’ve collated the best emojis to use when you want to flirt with somebody:

Smiling Face With Heart Emoji

When it comes to carefully orchestrate a move to make sure that the chances of the person replying to you increase, it’s best to stay with the tried and tested ways. A simple “Hi” won’t cut it anymore these days – that’s why going the extra mile will surely make the difference. Instead of just chatting or DMing “Hi”, spruce it up with “Heyyyy” and add a smiling face with heart eyes emoji.

This way, you clearly tell the person on the other end of your dialogue that you are interested in them in a lot of ways: being friends and so much more. The smiling face with heart emoji tells the person that you are approachable and that you are open to romantic possibilities as well.

Heart eyes emoji

You can use the heart eyes emoji when he/she says something that makes your heart flutter, or an activity that you find adorable. You can also use this emoji as an opening salvo – say, when your crush posts an Instagram Story or a Facebook My Day, you can reply with just the heart eyes emoji. It can be a selfie of them, a pic of their lunch, or an activity they just finished.

Heart Kiss emoji

Do you see a pattern here? Any emoji that has a heart on it is fair game when it comes to flirting. A staple for comments as well as replies to posts, My Days, and Stories, the heart kiss emoji is a cute alternative that not only catches the attention of the apple of your eyes, it also is a safe way to get out of a possible awkward situation. The other person in the dialogue will be intrigued if you are into them or not, so they’ll devise a way to talk to you about it in a roundabout way.

Tongue-out emoji

The tongue-out emoji can be used in two ways: the safe, funny route, or the trying to be naughty one. If your crush chats you with a funny anecdote, you can use this emoji to make sure they know that you appreciated the effort. This is especially true when you get to the point of sending witty memes to each other.

The other way to use this emoji is when you are covertly trying to suggest possible interactions that may or may not involve your crush’s tongue, or yours. Use sparingly when you’re still on the getting to know stage. But when you’ve been together with the person for quite some time, then you can certainly use the tongue-out emoji liberally.

Eggplant emoji

This is perfect for when you’re feeling naughty and want to make sure that the one you’re eyeing knows that you’re down with anything. The eggplant emoji is one of the most overt emojis you can send to make them feel sexy, as well as turn the conversation sexually. Just remember that if you can’t take the heat, never start a fire. But if you can take it, then go ahead! 


Flirting in this digital age is easier when you are on top of your emoji game. With the emojis listed above, you can easily take your flirting to the next level without miscommunication. If you are just recently talking to the person that you fancy, then err on the side of caution. Develop a kind of kinship first, or a friendship for that matter before going all in.

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