Fashion Trend Update: Men and their Obsession with Shoes

Fashion Trend Update

The Sex and the City cliché of the shoe aficionado as a fashionista with a penchant for high heels are a thing of the past. Today’s shoe collector is most often a man who purchases sneakers. The glitter of shoes may be as high as ever, but it’s not the type that Christian Louboutin would recognise. A cultural shift lies beneath the sales data. As fashion becomes more informal, women’s purchasing patterns are converging, with women purchasing more adaptable designs and men expanding their shoe collections.

Men’s fashion items are frequently investments. A beautiful suit, a terrific topcoat, and a good pair of shoes are rarely inexpensive, but they are built to last season after season. Perhaps, men’s increased expenditure on footwear is an indication that quality is valued as part of a renewed interest in investing in traditional pieces such as shoemaking, tailoring, and barbering. High-end trainers, which feature luxury fabrics and premium leathers too nice for the gym, as well as “investment shoes,” which are acquired for the long term, all have a stake in the tale behind rising expenditure.

Meanwhile, the popularity of sneakers, as all-purpose footwear, is driving men to expand their wardrobes while lowering sales among women. Men have a known urge and obsession for collecting items. It used to be comic books and toys. Now it’s all about the footwear. You can’t have too many sneakers if you’re a collector.” If you don’t want to wear sneakers, you can get shoes to go with your favourite activity, such as camping, fishing, rock climbing, or snowshoeing. They’re not just for fun; they’re serious gear!

Men, on the whole, tend to opt for shoes based on pricing rather than considering shoes as a significant part of their clothing. As they become more brand and fashion-conscious, men are changing their approach toward shoe choosing, which used to be only based on price. As a result, they are working on their particular style credo. Men are always more concerned with comfort than with style. This attitude stems from the fact that the same shoe will be worn from the office to a dinner meeting. Fashionable sneakers and shoes with built-in comfort features, changeable footbeds, and breathable materials are popular, as they provide both fashion and comfort in each pair.

Many purchases of lovely, impractical stilettos have been motivated by this emotion. Retailers need merchandise that provides the same sensation in less formal forms to reclaim female customers. Shoes don’t have to hurt to be glamorous, as many men already know. All they have to do is make you feel unique.

The modern man has easily progressed from owning only one pair of Shoes to now having a closet full of different styles and brands.


The answer to that question is contingent on how obsessive he is with having enough footwear to meet all of his lifestyle’s needs.

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