Features to Check in a Domo Analytics Platform

Domo Analytics Platform

Data analysis is essential to the success of every business. With Data Science, companies can gain insights about their consumers, clients, and competition that improve decision-making processes and generate new revenue opportunities.

If you plan to hire a Domo consulting company, you should know what to look for. Check out this list of features that every data analytics platform should have.

  1. A Graph Database Backend

According to reports, the global graph database market is valued to reach $5.2 billion in the year 2026.

A graph database is a particular type of NoSQLdatabase. Data in a graph database is represented as nodes and relationships instead of tables and rows like relational databases. Working with these databases is much easier for Data scientists because they don’t have to learn a new language.

  1. A Master Data Management Feature

Master data management (MDM) covers all the processes required to create, maintain, and distribute a single version of the truth about a specific subject or entity. It’s a critical function for Data analytics platforms as businesses become more reliant on data and more products, partners, and customers enter the market.

  1. Smart Connectors

Data analytics platforms that include smart connectors don’t require custom coding or separate tools to import information from third-party sources like social media sites and business applications like email and chat apps. It also ensures faster integration with other systems, such as ERPs and CRMs.

  1. A Data Catalog

A data catalog is a central repository where business users can find, organize, and share data assets. Metadata management features allow you to tag and label all the different types of information so that users can carry out complex analyses by combining disparate elements from across the enterprise.

  1. Connections to Other Data Analytics Platforms

Connecting to and sharing data with systems such as Hadoop and Spark is essential for businesses that want to process large volumes of data. Organizations must be able to share information and collaborate on it quickly to take advantage of all the benefits of big-data analytics.

  1. A Map-Reduce Engine

MapReduce is a programming model used in big data and data science. It works by breaking down significant problems into multiple tasks that can be executed efficiently in parallel on distributed computing platforms. Domo’s fast, easy-to-deploy map-reduce engine allows you to run complex analytic jobs without much hassle.

  1. Event Processing

In a business analytics setup, event processing is an alternate method of performing data analysis. Event processing uses predefined rules to analyze incoming data in real-time instead of querying databases to get reports and running advanced statistical algorithms on the results. In Domo, this feature is called Streams and can monitor the actions users are taking in different applications.

  1. The Ability to Share Reports with Other Users

Collaboration is another crucial part of data analytics platforms. Businesses want to empower their employees with insights to make better decisions about products or services. A Domo consulting company offers a data analytics platform that lets you share reports and dashboards securely by creating groups of users who have access to specific data sets.

  1. Support for Visualizations

Data visualization tools are designed to help businesses discover patterns in the information they’re analyzing by offering various ways to visualize it. Domo’s analytics platform provides different display options, including 3D maps, scatter charts, and bubble graphs.


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