Forget the Post COVID-19 Train Meals Stress: RailRestro is All Set to Clear the Mess


RailRestro is an authorized e-catering service partner which provides food to the passengers of Indian Railways. With all the COVID-19 precaution and safety measures, RailRestro is set to resume its service and serve its precious passengers with hygienic and quality food at their seat.

Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, no pantry cars are allowed in trains to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. In the current pandemic scenario, Railways has taken specific safety measures and precautions to control the spread of Coronavirus in trains. The Railways ministry had discontinued pantry food services in the trains and instructed the passengers to carry their food and water. The directive to restart e-catering in trains is a welcome measure by Indian Railways which will help the passengers get their favourite meals in trains. As the number of trains running is increasing gradually by the Indian Railways, more passengers would benefit from this service.


RailRestro is an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner specialized for delivery of fresh, hot, hygienically packed and delicious food in train by FSSAI-approved restaurants. They offer a variety of choices to the train passengers to order food as per their hunger cravings.

RailRestro serves the passengers with a tasty meal in the train at more than 450 stations and 1000 trains. They aspire to make food delivery in train easy and comfortable for the passengers and make their journey memorable. They have been serving high-quality and healthy foods to the passengers for the past four years.

RailRestro also offer customized and budget-friendly food preparation according to the requirements of the passengers. They believe in delivering satisfaction to the passengers using their fully computerized system along with AI-integrated apps and feedback loops. Passengers can order assortments of cuisines like pizza, North Indian, South Indian, biryani, Mughlai, continental, snacks, Indian thali, cake, and many Regional foods which satiate their desires.

RailRestro E-Catering is resuming with Zero Contact Delivery in Trains. The Ministry of Railways has affirmed to resume the services in the trains upon following certain hygiene protocols and safety guidelines. Since pantry cars are discontinued on the train, the demand for food has surged in the trains. The e-catering service can be accessed by online means, using RailRetro app, website or by calls. You just need to enter the PNR number to book food in train.

RailRestro Will Deliver Food in Trains at 100 Major Railway Stations

RailRestro will resume delivery of food in more than 100 railway stations initially including Itarsi junction, Bhopal Junction, Gorakhpur Junction, Patna Junction and more. At present, RailRestro delivers food at more than 450 stations across India. As more restaurants get opened, and trains start running, RailRestro would be providing e-catering services to even more stations in the coming months.

COVID-19 Technological Initiative by RailRestro

  1. Track order

Passengers can track the order online after ordering food online in train. You can quickly get the order status of your food by entering an order ID and registered mobile number in the app or website. After a few minutes, you will get an update about your order status as order delivered, placed or accepted.

  1. Contactless Food Delivery in Train

Maintaining the COVID-19 policy, RailRestro ensures the contactless delivery of food. Food will be delivered at the seat of the passenger by ensuring zero contact delivery.

  1. Thermal Screening

Thermal screening is mandatory for all the restaurant staff and delivery boys whenever they enter the restaurants. Only asymptotic staff is allowed to enter restaurants and serve passengers in trains.

  1. Online payment

RailRestro ensures that the payment is also made online as the cash payment increases the risk of spread of Coronavirus. Passengers can quickly pay for their food using a credit card, debit card, net banking, or UPIs.

Services Offered by RailRestro

  • Order Food in Trains: RailRestro is an authorized e-catering partner of IRCTC which works with full diligence to deliver fresh, hygienic and delicious food to train passengers at their seat. They offer multiple choices of cuisines including Veg and Non-Veg Thali, North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Jain food, Mughlai, South Indian, Continental and regional foods so that travellers won’t miss any delicacies while travelling.
  • Group Food Order in Trains: RailRestro also specializes in delivering group food order in trains for passengers travelling in a group for marriage, business tour, educational tour, pilgrimage group trip, or any other purpose. The order value of Rs.2,000 and above is regarded as a group order. The system accompanies you to order food in bulk without any hassle, avail special discounts and enjoy the trip to the fullest.
  • Rail Tools: RailRestro is a unique platform, which assists train passengers to plan their train journey efficiently. If you’re travelling through Indian Railways, you can quickly get an update about your journey by checking your PNR status. Moreover, you can book meals for the train journey, examine the train running status and find train seat availability. RailRestro provides all the train travel-related queries and information within a few clicks.

How to Order Food in Trains from RailRestro?

You can savour your favourite food on the train with a super easy and convenient medium of RailRestro website or RailRestro app. Follow these steps to place an order using your smartphone:

  1. Enter your 10-digit PNR or Train Number to get started.
  2. Select your desired food from the menu provided by the list of restaurants.
  3. You can easily customize your food order as per menu available.
  4. Proceed with the payment via secure online payment mode. Cash on delivery has been disabled to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.
  5. Enjoy your meal at your train seat.

You can either place a food order online in trains or call at 8102202203.

COVID-19 Food Safety and Precautions for Food Delivery in Train

Passengers should be wary of unauthorized food providers who provide unhealthy food on the train. During COVID-19, RailRestro ensures that all the restaurant partners comply with hygienic food preparation guidelines and follow safety measures. The delivery boys are advised to obey the safety precautions protocols and ensure contactless delivery of food in trains.

Precautionary Measures and Guidelines Followed by the Restaurant’s Staff:

  1. Thermal screening of staff and delivery boys are to be done multiple times during the day.
  2. Kitchens should be sanitized regularly after every use.
  3. It is mandatory to use protective masks by the restaurant’s staff in kitchens.
  4. The team in the kitchen is allowed to prepare food only if their body temperature is less than 99o

Safety Guidelines to be followed by the Delivery Boys:

  1. Delivery boys are allowed to collect orders only after washing hands.
  2. Delivery boys must use ‘Aarogya Setu’ App.
  3. Practice contactless delivery to ensure zero human contact.
  4. It is mandatory to always wear protective masks.

Sanitization of delivery bags after each delivery.

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