Future with a Travel and Tourism Degree

Tourism Degree

If you cannot imagine your life without travel, then probably you are thinking of getting a degree in tourism. Down below, you are going to find out what will be your career opportunities after completing a degree in tourism, what skill will be important to get a job, and who will be your typical employer. Let’s get started!

Career Options in the Travel Industry

If you think that the only chance you have is to become a travel agent. There is all the variety of other career options and to your attention only a few of them.

Air Cabin Crew

You can work as a pilot or as a steward/stewardess. This job will be perfect for those who want to travel across the globe. The schedule will be pretty tight, but it’s certainly worth it as you will explore so many countries while working.

Travel Agent

This is a perfect choice for students who don’t what to think about how to write my essay as all courses and assignments will be very interesting and engaging. As a travel agent, you will be responsible for evaluating the tourist’s requirements to help them find a great matching travel arrangement. Usually, hotels and travel agencies hire people to sell their special packages to potential clients.

Travel Executive

This role involves the management of all travel aspects. These include flight booking, transportation, accommodation, all information related to the final destination, and so on.

Tourism Manager

Usually, tourism managers have to promote tourism in their country or region by launching effective and engaging advertising campaigns. Moreover, they have to provide the assistance needed for people of different cultures.

Travel Coordinator

As a travel coordinator, you will have to search for the best prices on flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars as well as to book it for clients. In addition, you will be responsible for creating a perfect itinerary, processing all travel expenses, and discussing corporate discounts with travel vendors.

Ground Staff

The ground staff is as important as cabin crew members. You will have to run airport and airline operations and daily activities. The duties might also include luggage storing and transportation, as well as providing an airplane with all the food and beverages needed.

Tour Operator

Your main job will be to organize tours in the most professional way. You will manage the travel itself and stay with local and even international clients.

Tourist Guide

As a tourist guide, you will help travelers explore a city and local culture. You will have to create an engaging story that will tell all the essentials about a country, culture, and the main historical places you will demonstrate them.

Travel Writer

If you love writing about travel, then the job will be definitely for you. You will have to create fascinating stories about countries, cities, historical places, adventures, cultures, etc.

First Career Steps

Nowadays, there are plenty of travel companies and agencies that are looking for accomplished and young professionals. Even if you don’t have the experience, you will be able to find part-time career opportunities to combine with your education. Like this, you will be able to get the priceless experience that will be a great start for a future career.

Some programs even offer students a great chance to take one year in a certain industry placement to hone skills and knowledge. It will be great to network and gain valuable connections that can potentially help you broaden your career opportunities and get hired with ease. Paid and unpaid internships are also a great option for students seeking to jumpstart their professional life.

Skills Important for a CV

In the university, you will get all core and basic knowledge that are integral for working in tourism. However, when creating a CV, you should be extra careful not to miss the skills and abilities that employers value the most. Knowledge of structures and operations of the travel industry as well as of tour operators, airlines, hotels, etc. is a must. For this field, excellent customer service, problem-solving, great communication skills, and attention to detail are essential. Outstanding presentation skills, ability to work with deadlines along with leadership abilities will be also important to succeed.

As you can see, the tourism industry is growing rapidly as more and more people get passionate about travel. If you have decided to pursue a career in this field, your opportunities will be immense. Consider carefully various academic options and hurry up to apply and start this fascinating journey towards a successful travel career.

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