4 Garden Ornaments You Would Like To Have In Your Garden

Garden Ornaments

When you say garden, the first few things that come to mind are plants and trees. It is all just green stuff, but gardens should be more than that. Countless ornaments have been made to further add decoration to the garden, along with the pretty plants.

Options may range from store-bought sculptures, decorative objects, accent pieces, to a whole lot more! No one wants a boring backyard and a bland, empty-looking garden, so here are some ornaments that you can choose from to enhance your landscape.


These pieces made from various materials like metal, wood, stone, or poly-resin are some of the most common garden ornaments. Despite its commonality, it never goes out of style because of the myriad of choices and designs available. You must plan your garden statues according to your garden theme and estimate the scales you need to get. Ready-made sculptures are available, but you can also have them custom-made to suit your taste and your garden better. Some examples of these are adorable cat garden statues, heavenly angel sculptures, or decorative rock formations. 


This is the best partner for sculptures. Fountains are effortlessly elegant and grandiose looking even without the extra designs. Furthermore, these set a great atmosphere for the outdoors, regardless if it is day or night time. Aside from enhancing the scenery, the sounds of the water from the fountains are so melodic and relaxing. 

Moreover, fountains help improve air circulation and increase the oxygen level. It can also attract different organisms like birds, butterflies, and dragonflies that will make your garden look more alive and entertaining. Common types placed in gardens as ornaments are self-contained fountains, spouting fountains, and tiered fountains.

Lamps and Lanterns

Outdoor lighting is not only ornamental but also functional at the same time. It mainly helps you navigate through your landscape, but it can be part of the whole formation when placed strategically. Placing lamps and lanterns in your garden will definitely lengthen the time that you spend there because it would look cozy and comforting, partnered with the morning freshness or evening coolness. 

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In-ground lights are a trend as well because of the slick and stylish way it lights up the surroundings. You will not have trouble treading through your garden and looking at your flower beds at night with the help of in-ground lighting. Some examples of lamps are string lights, fairy lights, and umbrella lights, while slatted lanterns, cage lanterns, and pillar candles are some lantern choices for your garden. 

Birdbaths, houses, and feeders

These are more than just garden ornaments. Birdbaths, houses, and feeders are necessary accessories in your garden, especially when your fountain attracts a lot of birds. You can provide housing to these birds as well as feed them through these functional ornaments. In return, they will entertain you and your guests with their movements and the sounds they produce that will surely create a light, gentle atmosphere. 

These are only four types of garden ornaments that will level up your garden and serve you and the environment around you. Make sure to experiment and thoroughly plan your garden layout to make sure that it looks beautiful and welcoming.

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