How Starting a High School Esports Team Can Prepare You for College

Esports Team

Esports has become more popular over the last decade. So popular that even high schools are beginning to incorporate this new type of sport into their curriculum thanks to the numerous benefits it provides schools, students, and their futures.

If your school doesn’t have an esports team established, you may want to consider bringing this idea to your school’s administration, as esports can prepare you for college in several ways. This article will explain how starting a high school esports team can accomplish this. Next thing you know, you’ll have your team together, building strategies and researching sites like Hotspawn for the best way to play the Apex Revenant character!

An esports team improves academic performance and retention.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has cited numerous studies that show students who compete in high school perform better in school, whether through sports or academics. This improved performance includes higher grades, higher standardized test scores, and higher education expectations in the future. In addition, students are frequently required to keep their grades up to stay on high school sports teams. So, this is another motivator for students to continue doing well in school. Not to mention, this improved performance will also result in more students from that high school being accepted into a national honor society like the National Society for High School Scholars (NSHSS). These organizations offer students various scholarship opportunities and benefits during high school and beyond.

Esports helps students develop skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Like many other high school extracurriculars, esports helps students learn invaluable skills that will benefit them during school and throughout their lives. Skills developed during esports include strategic planning, critical thinking, teamwork, goal-setting, hand-eye coordination, and faster reflexes. Esports also requires excellent communication, which is a skill that every young adult will need regardless of what career they choose.

An esports team opens several gateways to college.

Over 60 colleges in the United States offer esports programs currently, with many others considering this option. In addition, many organizations provide college scholarships as tournament prizes to help these students pay for college. Not to mention, many of the colleges with esports programs even offer students full-rides to join their organization’s team in much the same way as a football scholarship. As a result, esports in high schools can be a significant motivator for students to further their education.

Esports will improve a student’s social skills and development.

Gaming is frequently considered a solitary activity. However, competitive esports gives students who enjoy gaming an opportunity to meet like-minded students and develop social skills by pursuing a common goal. Not only will this improve their social development, but it also gives students who may have considered opting out of school activities or school altogether a sense of belonging and a reason to stay in school. In addition, these students will learn how to form lasting friendships, earn respect from their peers, give respect, and improve their self-esteem.

Esports teams will benefit the school itself.

It’s no secret that when students do well in school, the school does well, too. These various benefits we’ve covered are also positive for the school. High schools that support esports will benefit from their students succeeding in academics and pursuing higher education due to esports. These schools may win awards for the percentage of successful students increasing and even receive more state funding for their programs thanks to their success. Not to mention, an esports team alone can become a new source of revenue for the school from sponsors and advertising.

Get your high school esports team together to start gaming and learning.

With all of the benefits we’ve covered, it’s no surprise why so many high schools are incorporating official esports teams into their curriculum. By helping students improve performance, increase social skills, develop skills for the future, and open doors to college, esports can become a staple for any high school.

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