5 Ways on How to Buy the Perfect Beach Towel

Beach Towel

A beach towel is one of the essential items on your beach vacation checklist. On the surface, it seems that choosing such a towel is a straightforward process. All you need to do is pick a fun design, look at its price and hit the ‘But’ button. But that’s not what a wise purchase looks like. If you want to spend quality time at the beach, you need to purchase a quality towel. Beach towels online that are sand free and utilise rapid dry technology are certainly among the best ones in the market today. Here is a checklist of all essential things to know before you get such a towel.

Ensure It Dries Quickly

Beach towels are used to dry the body after splashing in the waves. If you have a towel that takes a large amount of time to dry, you’ll likely find yourself sitting on an uncomfortable, wet cushion. Moreover, it will easily attract sand on itself. So, when it’s time to return home, you will find it very difficult to get off the sand from your towel.

It is why water-absorbent beach towels online that take half the time an average beach towel takes to dry are so helpful. They absorb all the moisture in a minimal time.

Pick the Right Size

These towels come in numerous sizes. Bear in mind your unique needs and preferences when looking at the towel size. For example, if you have a kid, then you may want more space for your belongings. In such a case, you can consider beach towels in an extra-large size.

You can also purchase a towel whose length roughly corresponds to your height. Usually, 60 inches by 28 inches is an ideal towel size that many people pick for their beach trip. If you find this size small for yourself, you can opt for a beach blanket.

Ensure That the Towel Is Soft

Towels that feel like something is pricking in your skin when you lay down are not something you should ever buy. Some of the most comfortable towels are made of cotton and velour. If you spend a considerable time at the beach and are an avid sunbather, then make sure to pick soft and comfortable towels. The royal softness treats the skin gently and ensures that it does not get irritating.

Check Whether the Towel Is Not Too Thick or Thin

Thick towels take a lot of space in the beach bag. Such bulky towels lead you to use more bags to take with you on your beach trip. Their weight also increases when they are wet. As a result, removing sand from them becomes a challenging job. Pick a towel with a thin fabric that you can easily fold and put it in the corner of your bag.

Pick the Right Colour and Design

A beach towel that doesn’t look cool and vibrant can take away much of the fun out of your beach trip. Pick bright colours and refrain from inclining towards dark shades like grey or black. These colours attract heat, and your whole beach experience can become painful because of it. Usually, those having a beach-themed design are quite popular. But never forget to look for bright hues and shades.

Finding a quality towel for your upcoming beach vacation will become a lot easier when you keep in mind the factors mentioned above. You will be able to find the most comfortable and cool towel for yourself.

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