Scott and Lisa Homes: How to Choose the Perfect Family Home

Family Home

Purchasing a family home in Broomfield, Colorado, or anywhere in the world requires careful consideration of certain important factors. You have to consider each member of the family and their needs. This makes the dynamics of choosing a family home more complex than that of choosing a home for an individual or young couple.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the most important factors that should be considered when getting a house for the family are the budget and then the size. However, this isn’t the case. Some folks even fail to employ the services of a real estate agent with the intention of saving money. Sadly, they end up spending more money in the long run because they spend more time and effort which has a negative effect on their finance. Hence, hiring a Broomfield real estate agency will help you make the task of finding a house much faster, easier and cheaper.

Since each family is unique, we cannot cover all the factors that might be peculiar to yours. However, what we will do in this article is to discuss the important factors that are common to any family looking for a new home. Therefore, as you go out in search of that dream home, bear the following in mind:

Research is Important

Before you even begin your search, you need to have a picture of the kind of home you want for your family in your mind. What number of bedrooms do you need? The answer to this will depend on how many family members you have. Do you want everyone to have separate rooms? Or will the kids share a room? Or the boys get a room while the girls get a separate room? Will the house have a garden? How large should the backyard be? These are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you picture your new home.

After getting a clear picture, it will help you share your ideas and desires clearly with the real estate agents you hire. This is why you need these professionals because they will assist you in looking for the best house.

Another way you can get involved in research is to make use of different online real estate websites to help you compare houses and locations. You have to remember that certain locations are more expensive than others.

Fix Your Budget

You shouldn’t throw yourself into debt simply because you are looking for the best house for your family. Hence, you need to fix your budget to fit the amount you can comfortably afford. Visit to learn how to set a budget when buying your first home. When your budget is fixed, it will help you and any agent you hire streamline your search down to just houses you can afford.

Bear in mind that apart from the actual price for the house, you will also be making other payments such as costs of mortgaging booking, solicitors’ fees, surveyor fees, valuation charge, arrangement fees, and even broker/lender fees if they are hired by you. All these will require a deposit that isn’t part of the actual house price.

Select the Appropriate Location

The appropriate location for each family varies. However, the location of a family’s potential new home has to revolve around the proximity to the workplace of the parents and the school of the children.

If you are changing location completely, then, you need to check out the schools around the area of your potential home to see if they are good enough for your kids before buying the house. As a rule of thumb, your home shouldn’t be far away from your children’s school especially if you still have those who aren’t in High School.

Furthermore, are there easy transport links from your home to your place of work? How close is your home to the major motorway? These are some questions you should consider and ask yourself.

Apart from work and school, you need to consider leisure activities as well. Do they have clubs, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, etc. that are nearby?

Emergencies must also be considered. Therefore, is a hospital, fire station, police station nearby? If you own a dog, you should also consider the proximity of a vet clinic to your home.

Does the House Have Secure Parking Space?

It is a family home you are looking for after all, so, security is a necessity. Hence, a house without easy parking e.g. a fenced driveway or garage shouldn’t be selected. It will help you to be comfortable when bringing out items from the car without being exposed to prying eyes.

Can the House be Expanded or Extended?

Now, everyone thinks of the current size of the house, but not many think about the future size of the house. The house might be currently big enough for your family. However, as the family grows, it might not be as accommodating as it used to be.

Hence, when choosing a house, look for one that can be extended or expanded if the need arises. This will save you the stress of having to move to another house because the one you live in has become small for your family.

Does the House Have Flexible Storage?

This is somewhat similar to the point above except that the former focuses on living spaces, while this focuses on storage spaces. As the family grows, possessions and belongings will increase. An average teenager will amass so many belongings than they actually need in their teenage years. Click here to see some mind-blowing statistics about how much belongings and things we own. Therefore, you will need space to store all of those belongings.

Hence, when choosing a house, confirm with Maricopa Real Estate Agents if spaces will be available for new cupboards and shelving in the hallway and bedrooms. It is important for a family home to have a good basement, attic, and garage.


As we stated at the beginning of this article, you need to consider more than just your budget and the size when choosing the perfect family home. Hence, we believe with the important factors discussed above, you will be able to get that house that your household can learn to call home for a long time.

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