How to Hire Game Developers That Will Skyrocket Your Project

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Nowadays, finding game developers who will dedicate themselves to your project and demonstrate an efficient approach to work is becoming more challenging. With the increase in the global talent pool on LinkedIn, as well as hiring freelance platforms like Upwork, you should spend more time researching potential candidates than it was a few years ago.

Despite a surge in experienced and skilled game developers, finding ones that match your strategic business goals and project scope proves a tricky venture. Fortunately, by the end of this article, you’ll end up with a bunch of helpful tips on how to hire game developers that will not only reduce the risks of failure but also contribute to it as if it were their own project.

Valuable Insights into Hiring Game Developers

According to statistics, the current number of video game developers has considerably increased thanks to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of widespread telecommuting practices, more people have converted to game development because it’s work that can be completed remotely without regularly paying a call to specific geographical locations. Still, herein lie both the blessing for employees and the problem for employers.

Why so, you may ask? The most apparent reasons imply that remote freelance game developers quickly lose motivation and self-discipline, being tempted to distract from work. In many cases, people choose to freelance as a form of partial employment in order to be able to have more leisure time and flexible working hours. Nonetheless, this cooperation model doesn’t fit most game projects out there, inasmuch as these require total dedication.

At the same time, building an in-house team of game developers can also become a tough challenge, let alone the salary you’ll need to pay for capable specialists. However, if you decide to choose this option, try to search for such on LinkedIn or specific hiring platforms that are at least somehow responsible for registering candidates who know the score.

The Ultimate Approach to Seeking Candidates

So, how to reduce the odds of hiring game developers that aren’t responsible, attentive, and motivated, posing either a concealed or explicit threat to your project? Below you may find a couple of helpful principles to follow in hiring game developers remotely.

  1. Avoid working with freelancers in most cases. Even though, in some exclusive scenarios hiring freelance employees may seem an excellent idea (say, to quickly get a pack of barely noticeable game assets like props), having such in your team can result in poorer development performance as they may lack dedication.
  2. Opt for game development outsourcing companies. Simply put, studios that regularly outsource game projects and treasure their reputation aren’t likely to put your project in peril, no matter the circumstances.
  3. Pay attention to qualifications, rewards, and portfolios. As a rule, these aspects are often disregarded, but such objective metrics as the number of successfully deployed projects and rewards indicate a candidate’s expertise, whether a studio or an individual developer.

Apart from the hints mentioned above, it would help if you always researched the candidate that best fits your project. At least pay careful attention to their official website. For instance, has an extensive portfolio, proving its qualification and industry expertise.


Now, as you are already mindful of the most evident tips to improve your hiring workflow, you should start learning how to manage the hired team. If you hesitate, it may prove a better option to address a game development outsourcing company. Most often, they have everything laid out for your project so that you don’t need to buy expensive hardware and software to start developing the dream game.

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