How to Prevent Panic Attacks While Flying?

prevent panic attacks while flying

For some people, travelling by a plan is no less than an adventure. However, air travel can be difficult for people who are prone to anxiety or panic attacks.

A panic attack is an extreme overpowering feeling during which a person can completely lose control.

Many people suffer from panic attacks during air travel owing to their deep-seated fear of flying. However, gaining adequate knowledge and understanding through an online flying anxiety course can address your concerns to a great extent.

Herein, we are suggesting 5 ways to prevent panic attacks while flying:

1. Redirect your triggering thoughts

If you feel acute fear or anxiety while flying, stop focusing on such thoughts for a moment, and slowly redirect your mind.

Try to tune your mind towards a positive or constructive side of your current situation.

For instance, seeing all cabin doors locked, you may feel anxious as there’s no way to exit. You can turn this negative thought around by thinking that, in fact, you are safe because the doors are locked.

This may sound impossible to many but thoughts have great power and can turn any situation into your favour.

2. Practice relaxation techniques

Individuals who have fear of flying often panic, especially when the flight takes off or while it is landing. In order to escape the situation, follow a few relaxation tips:

  • Take deep breaths as it can trigger the calming response;
  • Don’t cling to the armrest of your seat, since this can heighten your anxiety;
  • Listen to music to divert your attention;
  • Meditate to gain control over your panic attacks.

3. Distract yourself

Distraction is very effective to halt panic attacks. Some of the effective ways to keep your mind as active as possible:

  • Engage in conversation about positive things happening around
  • Read your favourite book or novel to soothe your mind
  • Watch your favourite TV series on the tablet
  • Play word game with your flying partners
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Pay attention to the cabin crew work routines
  • Read a journal or magazine

4. Avoid coffee and hard drinks

Many people often take coffee or alcohol to calm down their nerves & manage stress while flying.

However, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine can trigger anxiety to a higher level very quickly. Also, these can even cause fast-beating and pounding of the heart.

So, avoid taking them before and during a flight. It’s better to keep the drinks for a celebration purpose once you land.

5. Talk to the flying attendant if needed

Talking to someone about your fear actually alleviates your anxiety. If you are experiencing panic disorder, it may be a good idea to speak with a cabin crew.

You should tell the crew about your fear of flying, so they can make you feel comfortable and check on your mental health during the flight.

Moreover, they will also be able to provide you with any helpful information about the flight, such as upcoming turbulence or any warning ahead of time.

Talking to other passengers and crew members reassure you of the normalcy of your behaviour during the journey.

Bottom line

Panic attacks can be very daunting, but they shouldn’t hold you back from having fun.

With in-advance planning, little practice, and by following these steps, you will be able to enjoy your air travel without fearing panic attacks.

In case of an emergency, seek the help of a professional to calm yourself and to fly with a more positive mindset.

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