Huawei Smartwatches: Which one is Best for You?

Huawei Smartwatches

There’s a Huawei watch for everyone, whether you’re looking for a gym buddy, a cheap fitness tracker, or a premium smartwatch.

Huawei’s wearables division is thriving since the debut of the first Huawei Watch in 2015.This Chinese-based company has focused on the strengths of its wearables: simple looks, extended battery life, and accurate fitness monitoring. But how can you know which Huawei smartwatch is best for you? We’ve compiled a list of the top three Huawei smartwatches available right now.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro is the company’s latest flagship wearable and is perhaps the best-looking Huawei wristwatch ever built. It comes in a variety of designs and features a 48mm face with a 1.47-inch 60Hz OLED display. Huawei’s superb True-Sleep tracking smarts are included in the Watch 3 Pro, as well as continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring. In terms of wristwatch functions, Harmony OS gives the wrist a delightful UI upgrade.

It tracks over 100 different workouts, but automated recognition of activities you would utilize is inconsistent. Dual-band GPS is also included in the Watch 3 Pro.

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro is a fantastic statement wristwatch with the potential for future improvement for £499/€499, but consider its shortcomings and your needs before purchasing one.

The following are some of the standout characteristics of the huawei watch pro 3:

  • Premium-looking design
  • Great screen
  • Fantastic battery life
  • A plethora of smartwatch functions

Huawei GT Runner Watch

This Huawei smartwatch is ideal for runners. The Huawei Watch GT Runner offers many of the same features as the GT 3, including a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen, 5ATM water resistance, and a long-lasting 455mAh battery. The GT Runner, on the other hand, is excellent for individuals who desire a sports coach strapped to their wrists.

Race forecasts and AI coaching features, VO2 max numbers, a Running Ability Index, and a stunningly precise GPS with trustworthy heart rate tracking are just a few of the features that runners will appreciate on the GT Runner.

  • 43-inch AMOLED screen
  • 5ATM water-resistance are just a few of the highlights of the Huawei Watch GT Runner.
  • Battery capacity of 455mAh
  • 14-day battery life

Huawei GT 2e Watch

This Huawei smartwatch is ideal for recreational athletes. The Watch GT 2e is a good choice if you want a fitness-focused wristwatch with long battery life. For those who work up a sweat at the gym, it has hefty silicone straps. The vivid 1.39-inch AMOLED screen also makes viewing tracking data a breeze. It’s one of the most attractive fitness watches on the market.

Fitness tracking is also quite useful. There are 15 in-depth tracking modes onboard GPS, ranging from cycling to mountaineering, as well as 85 additional modes. The Watch GT 2e also includes a number of running-specific applications, making it a fantastic wearable for athletes working on their pace and stride. A heart rate sensor, VO2 max estimations, SpO2 monitoring (on demand), and stress tracking are among the other features.

The Huawei Watch GT 2e has a number of standout qualities, including:

  • A high-end, sturdy design
  • A 2-week battery life
  • A low price point
  • Numerous fitness and health features
  • Good heart rate and GPS performance

Excellent sleep tracking

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