3 Important Decisions Seniors Should Make Today

Important Decisions

If there is one thing seniors really don’t want to do is face the fact that they are seniors and that it means making some hard choices about their lives going forward. Even though they know they are at a time in their lives when some important decisions need to be made while they are still able to do so, it doesn’t make it any easier. Who wants to admit they are getting old?

That, in fact, is a loaded question if ever there was one! However, getting back to the matter at hand, if you are of an age when life as you have always known it is about to change, perhaps it’s time that you become an active part of how your life will be from here on out. These are some of the important decisions you can begin making today.

1. Is It Time for a Living Will?

No matter how healthy you appear to be today, you never know when some age-related health concern like a heart attack or stroke might befall you. Do you have any wishes for how you will be treated in emergency care at the hospital? Do you want to be revived if your heart should stop or are you ready to say your final goodbyes?

Some seniors don’t want to be kept on life support so they draft a living will stating their exact instructions should their doctor or loved ones are faced with a situation in which a decision needs to be made on the spot and in the moment. By drafting a living will, you can make your wishes legally binding, and that is something you may want to establish.

2. Do You Want to Choose Care Options for Yourself?

Another thing many seniors dread is life in a nursing home, but most often they are operating under the assumption that nursing homes haven’t seen any real changes over the years. Rather than being restrictive, today’s nursing homes are more like staycations at your place of residence.

A contemporary nursing home, for example, is more like a higher level of assisted living and quite easy to be comfortable with. In fact, a Brandywine Linwood nursing home at Brandall Estates is more like living on an estate than in a traditional nursing home with all its restrictions.

3. Where Do You Want to Live Out the Remainder of Your Days?

This doesn’t mean choosing between staying in your family home or opting for senior residential living. When given the choice of ‘where’ you want to live, you might want to consider the city or state where you will be most comfortable. As an example, if you find a community of residential senior living arrangements located in several areas with locations near your adult children or other family members, you might be most comfortable there.

Therefore, if you’ve decided that senior living fits your needs going forward, you can choose to reside in one of their senior residences closer to your children or near where other family members now live. It is up to you to decide where and how you want your life to be going forward. Make those decisions today to have peace of mind knowing your wishes will be respected.

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