Is Breguet Type 20 A Great Timepiece?

Breguet Type 20

Breguet Type 20 is a sturdy range of brand’s wristwatch acquisition; it has a prominent contribution to the army and provided it to the fortified troops after its manufacturing since then 1775. It highlights decipherability, sturdiness, and artistic perspective, onward with an affordable price point.

That was the cause of its reputation. The pragmatic perspective of watches is a distinguishing feature of this line. This series is accessible in both hand-wounding and automatic mechanical movements. All of the watch chronometers are COSC -certified. The accumulation holds sophisticated ideas interested in both communities for both men and women. Because of this level of complications is not incorrect to describe these watch as the pinnacle of Breguet exceptional watchmaking.

Today we’ll discuss the useful features of this timepiece series and explore the functions of this timepiece. 

Based on Military Requirements :

Type 20 collection was ingeniously constructed by Breguet to satisfy the basis of the army. The company is well-known for offering secure and highly precision based watches. It was a trial for the company to get all of the complicated features to create meet military formulae, optimal readability, and essence. So, By accompanying the tradition of Breguet as a watchmaking connoisseur, the new series Type 20 was launched.

Type 20 

was implemented with an in-house clock to ensure the advanced level of innovative features. It was designed extremely shockproof. The watch was designed to confront extreme pressure and can survive at the water-resistance to beyond 30 meters. To assure the optimized readability, the hands, indexes, and hour-makers are overlaid with the luminous elements in various watches of this line. 


As Blancpain is appreciated as a chronograph expert, this level of complication was also installed in type 20 collection. Swiss authorize the clocks. Type 20 Chronograph 2055ST/Z5/398 is an exclusive watch of this line that emphasizes an automatic movement with a finetuned clock. It features a clock with flyback, a top complication that only features in the technical pieces. The watch is powered by super-awesome caliber Cal. Valjoux is featuring a self-winding device.

Advanced Features with long-lasting power reserve:

The type 20 series carries both men and female collection, the overall look of these luxury watches are similar to normal slim watches but embedded with numerous technicalities. These watches are powered by the brand’s in-home caliber, Each piece officially accredited by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. 

A power reserve indicator is also embedded in the top edition timepiece to shows the energy indication and many high-tech outstanding peculiarities are descended in it.

Robust Design :

The exceptional characteristic of the timepiece is its design which was manufactured to suit the intense lifestyle of a soldier. The case is made of high-quality materials like titanium and ceramic to ensure the reliability and durability of the timepieces.

In addition to the sturdiness properties of this timepiece, it also reflects a precious, elegant look that appears to be marvellous on the clock. This watch is manufactured with the brand’s traditional touch of the rich heritage with combined decency.

All of the Breguet watches are embraced with material that is optimal and followed by the aeronautical objects designed. This timepiece was the project that was handled by two teams, a team of aeronautical items and watch designers joined forces to manufacture a timepiece that features both functionalities.

Pure Leather Strap:

This timepiece is featured with a pure leather strap. The brown leather strap looked minimalistic with light brown dial and featured with the silver-toned case . Overall timepiece reflects a muscular hence the elegant look.

All materials are used in their optimal condition at the Breguet as nothing compromising is done on the quality side, That’s what this timepiece series is so much encouraged by the watch enthusiasts all over the globe. 

Attractive Price Point :

Breguet becomes popular because of its awesome features with an attractive price point, it attracts several buyers while Maintaining quality with an attractive price is a tedious task. Still, somehow the brand succeeded it with its type 20 collection, Classic variant of this category will require you to pay 1500-3000 USD which is nothing distinguished to the great specialities. 

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