Top 10 IT Companies in India

IT companies in India

India is slowly emerging as one of the best nations supporting IT on a wide scale in today’s date.  As a country, it is trying every possible means to boost its IT hub from many corners.  Most of the top IT companies in India are MNC’s. This zeal of empowering IT has provided jobs for thousands of aspiring candidates in different parts of the country and is on a verge of expanding its wings to the maximum.

In the following list, we will be discussing the Top 10 IT companies in India

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Founded in the year 1968 with its headquarters in Mumbai. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. is a name that needs no introduction. TCS holds the top position in the list of top software companies in India.

In India, TCS is one of the most prime IT service providers that have branches in different cities of India and abroad also.

Today the company is successfully providing IT solutions, outsourcing services, and software-based consulting around the globe.


Infosys is one of the major multinational corporations in India that deals with IT and outsourcing services mainly. It holds 2nd position in our list of top 10 IT companies in India.

With its headquarter in Bengaluru, today the company generates a revenue of around 1,180 crores USD.  The company has many branches around the country with a huge number of employees serving.

In today’s date, Infosys is one of the best concerns dealing in IT business.

HCL Technologies

With it’s headquartered in Noida, the company has managed to establish a name for themselves with constant hard work and sincerity.

HCL is a well known Indian Software Company founded in the year 1976.  Today it is one of the prime concerns offering its multiple services in the field of IT, hardware along with application and system integration.

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When we speak of the top 10 IT companies in India, Wipro is a name that is evident to come in.

Founded in 1945, this ISO certified IT firm holds a good repute in offering the client a wide range of IT services along with support in computer hardware and outsourcing.

Ranking constantly among the world’s top 20 most innovative company’s list, the brand speaks for itself.

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

Cognizant is a name that speaks a load for itself.

An American software company involved in various fields along with IT has a success story of its own when it comes to establishing offices in India.

The company is listed among the best of the best when we count on the list of top 10 IT companies in India.

Tech Mahindra Ltd

With its headquarters in Pune, Tech Mahindra in today’s date is one of the famous IT solutions providers from India.

Other than being one of the best in IT Business support system provider, the company deals in mobility solutions, applications development and management as well.

According to data, the company has generated 499 crores USD in 2018 as revenue.

NIIT Technologies Ltd

Among software companies in India, NIIT Technologies Ltd holds a key position on today’s date.

With a wide range of offerings, the company has a huge customer base in India. It also deals in outsourcing services, IT business, IP asset and platform solutions from around the world.

The company also deals in Business process outsourcing along with its core IT projects as well.

Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Founded in the year 1977, Oracle India is counted in the top 10 IT companies in India.

The company has made its mark through developing and marketing cloud engineered systems along with database software and technology.

It also deals with enterprise software products as well.

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

IBM has always known for its achievements in the fields of computers and technology on a global basis.

In India, IBM has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

Being one of the largest companies in the world, the company also has its office in different parts of India with a good number of employees generating good revenue.

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI)

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd was founded in the year 1997. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company is popular in offering a wide range of services including digital and automation solutions, IT Service Management and IT consulting as well.  L & T Infotech is the subsidiary company of Larsen & Toubro.

The company has many branches across India and throughout the world including Europe, North America, Middle East, South America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Concluding, India has still kept all doors open for its advancement in the IT field and is slowly progressing on the pathway.

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