Kratom: How Does It Affect Me?


The growing popularity of kratom among today’s population has led to many questions about how safe it is for consumption. Many people find that kratom is safer than many over-the-counter and prescription drugs. In this article, we will be breaking down what kratom is and why some people choose to use a supplement made from it.

Kratom is a plant that people worldwide have used for many different purposes. Its consumption has been rising in the United States and other countries, but many unknown questions surround this plant. You can buy high-quality kratom online as well.

When used in low doses, it can be highly effective at reducing pain and improving mood. Despite how effective it is at what it does, many people are still unaware of this drug’s existence.

If you have ever tried kratom, you probably found out it has interesting effects. You might experience mood changes, pain relief, or even better sex life when using kratom. If you think about whether or not to try it, then this article is for you!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant used as an opioid replacement in tea. In its raw form, it is consumed as a beverage by itself and mixed with water to make a drink similar to tea, usually mixed with other herbs and spices.

People have used kratom leaves to wean themselves off opium addiction without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It contains two alkaloids: mitragynine, which causes the effects, and mitraphylline, responsible for its pain-relieving properties.

You can crush and mix it into drinks or brewed as a tea. Some users mix it into capsules for ease of use. Side effects of kratom include nausea, vomiting, and constipation, but these are generally milder than those associated with heroin and other opiates.

The effects of kratom vary based on how much you should consume. The leaves are typically brewed in boiling water for 5-15 minutes and then strained or filtered. But can last from 6-20 hours or more (depending on dosage). It is generally not recommended for use longer than ten days.

Is Kratom Safe? Here Are Some Benefits

People who consume kratom have reported feeling hyperactive euphoric while experiencing muscle pain relief, diarrhea, and constipation during their first use, which becomes an addiction after repeated usage.

There are numerous benefits, including pain relief, anti-anxiety, mood enhancement effects, and reduced dependence on alcohol and tobacco, making it great for those struggling with addiction. Let’s check out some benefits in detail:

Treats Anxiety And Depression

When having anxiety, kratom is one of the best recreational and medicinal use choices. It has multiple effects on moods and can ease symptoms from mild depression to severe anxiety. The same is true for people who suffer from depression, and kratom works wonders for many people with this condition. It is a very mild psychoactive drug and does not cause the intense effects of other medications. It can help you get calm and relaxed in stressful situations or help get you through unpleasant ones.

Reduces Symptoms Of Opiate Withdrawal

Opiates are very addictive and can cause long-lasting withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is a plant found in Southeast Asia that some people use as an alternative to opiate use. The effects of kratom include stimulant, sedative, pain reducer, and mood enhancer qualities. You can use it for the treatment of opiate dependence. The leaf of this plant contains alkaloids known to bind with receptors in the brain, thus relieving withdrawal symptoms.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Reducing chronic pain after consuming kratom is possible. Kratom can treat chronic pain like multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, or other pain. Kratom fights inflammation and helps you get rid of any pain. Kratom effects are faster than any other product, but taking too much will lead to a more intense high, challenging to handle. Many experts recommend starting with a small dose to get used to it.


Consumption of Kratom boosts mood in two ways: 1) via its opioid-like effects, and 2) via its analgesic properties. Opioids are substances that activate the same receptors as drugs such as morphine, heroin, and codeine, which produce a euphoric feeling. This herb helps to treat different ailments and various pains, including depression. It can boost mood levels by improving the serotonin levels in the brain, which will result in good feelings and improved mental health.

Dosage Of Kratom

Kratom comes as a leaf powder, usually in capsule, and liquid form is available in the market. People use it as coffee, although it affects everyone based on their body chemistry, so you can’t tell from personal experience.

Generally, the dosage is around 15-30mg for a liquid. A capsule dosage can be anywhere between 5-10mg. These dosages can be taken once or twice per day, depending upon how much you consume daily.

The effects of kratom take at least 30 minutes to begin after ingestion. The products include euphoria, increased energy levels, weight loss or gain, a sense of well-being, and increased libido.

Health Tips While Using Kratom

Following are some health tips you need to take while using Kratom:

  1. Avoid mixing different strains of kratom,
  2. Always store kratom properly,
  3. Do not consume this herb in high doses,
  4. Do not use the extract from any part of the plant for consumption, and last but not the least
  5. Do not consume large amounts of alcohol while consuming kratom as this will cause you to experience some adverse side effects such as nausea and fatigue;
  6. Don’t use it while pregnant or nursing.


As of 2018, kratom usage has increased in the US. But it has not yet been listed as an official dietary supplement. Mitragynine is considered a less potent opioid than other opioids such as morphine, but some have reported sedation and increased euphoria when taking kratom in higher doses.

So, when it comes to how kratom affects you, the answer is that it can significantly vary from person to person. Some people have said that it relaxes them and helps them feel focused after taking kratom strains for pain, while others say it makes them more anxious or even gives them an instant high.

Since the side effects of kratom can vary, with symptoms including nausea and dizziness, since the FDA does not regulate it, there can be many dangerous side effects with Kratom use.

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