7 Kurtas for Women to Up Your Style Quotient at Work

Kurtas for Women

Wherever you go in whenever you are out, you require the best dress to present your personality. And in India, kurtas for women are very famous attire. You will find women slaying these kurtas in  various styles at different formal and informal functions very comfortably. This is the reason you find it the ideal dress for your office too. But if you want the list of some types of kurtas to upgrade your style quotient at work, then you are at the right place.

Formal Kurtas

On a hot summer day, you can wear a formal kurta to work and enter the office directly for that crucial board meeting. You need one that is pretty comfortable, contemporary, and has a modern design that still looks Indian. For best results, choose an A-line kurta with geometric or chequered patterns, then wear it with jeans to look best and composed while working.

Shirt Kurtas

It’s crucial to have a collared kurta that fits well and serves its purpose. It’s a welcome change from your closet’s usual abundance of rounded necklines. Shirt kurtas can also be styled more traditionally with a jacket and collar cuffs for a stunning appearance! For these kurtas for women to be worn as formal attire, we advise choosing solid colours.

Roomy, tie-up kurta

What could be more comfortable than donning a loose, roomy kurta with a tie-up to slim your waist? Our best guess would be nothing. This kind of stylish kurta is on trend thanks to its contemporary silhouette and gorgeously vibrant colour. For the perfect look, wear it with palazzos or a skirt in a contrasting colour!

High-low kurtas

High-low kurtas for women are very in right now! It is what occurs when Indian clothing is given a trendy young makeover. Although the style is unpretentious and wearable, it still exudes a dressy, flirtatious, and girly vibe. If you don’t already have a collection of high-low kurtas, start with this one and pair it with a stylish pair of palazzo or trouser pants for a totally stylish office look.

Slit kurtas

Indie fashion has changed and gotten much sexier thanks to slit kurtas! Slits in our dresses have always been our favourite way to add a sexy twist. But the kurta had never looked this good because we had never really gotten around to it. Ah, up until now. The side slit that reveals your denim or pants underneath it is ideal for drawing attention and making it the focal point of your outfit!

A-line kurtas

An A-line kurta has the ideal silhouette for every figure and is feminine and attractive. Additionally, it is the most cosy. Wear it and look incredibly cool by pairing it with any pair of leggings in your closet.

Layered kurta

This season’s must-try trend is the kurta layered with a jacket. It’s a favourite among stars! The look is especially stunning when you combine two different patterns. To create an eye-catching look, try fusing Indian prints like block prints or florals in them.

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