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The content creation market can get intensely competitive, and the only way to stay ahead is by delivering engaging content regularly. Besides putting out fantastic content, you also need to be adept in design, collecting analytical data, marketing, and social media, to make your content more appealing to your target audience.

On average, over 23% of bloggers post 2 to 6 articles weekly online. And for other platforms such as social media, posting content needs to be done even more regularly. The pressure to post new content frequently can be a daunting task. That is why you’ll need to have the right tools such as a custom writing reviews platform like Online Writers Rating and Best Writers Online to ease the burden of proofreading, creating content from scratch, and so on.

The content writing tools mentioned in this article will headline-grabbing, cover social media management, SEO, editing and visuals, and scheduling tools. Don’t know whom to ask, “do my homework for money”? Use these tools to writer it by own.

The Best Title Generator

Before a reader reads the details of your content, the first thing to grab their attention is the title. If it interests them, then they will proceed to read your content. Therefore coming up with a proper interest-grabbing headline is essential. But how do you know which headlines will grab their attention? A tool like The Best Title Generator helps ease the headache of thinking about the perfect title.

It is a free content writing tool that comes with features to specifically help you evaluate the effectiveness of headlines via simple research. You can type in your primary keywords and get a result of over 700 options to pick from. And as you go through the titles, you are bound to get bursts of inspiration.


Using this content strategy tool provides you with several content ideas that your customers would find useful. Buzzsumo lets you find the right information via a list of content ideas that have performed well on social platforms in terms of audience engagement, likes, and shares.

You can conduct your search using a keyword-based or domain-based search. Your keyword-based search results are then filtered by time so that seasonal trends do not affect the results. Additionally, your results can be filtered by the type of content trending in your industry and the best social platform you can post on.

For the domain-based search, you can see which domains appear the most for your keywords. The results here allow you to understand what your competitors are doing and how you can improve yours. It also helps you find influencers in your specific industry that you can reach out to if you need them to push out your content. These functions are free on the app. There is also a paid version at $79 per month that comes with extra features.

Google Keyword Planner

Having the right keywords goes a long way when it comes to optimizing your content to top every search engine result. Thus the Google keyword planner is a free tool where you can find the proper keywords. The tool enables you to think like your target audience and figure out the kinds of words or phrases they would use when searching for the type of product or service your content promotes.

Goggle Keyword Planner provides you with a detailed monthly search data containing your competition ratings, trends, keyword, and even synonyms. The data also contains information on what users have been searching for, so you have a clear idea of the terminology trends. Although this app is free, you must have a Google AdWords account before you can make use of the app.


Grammarly is easily the most popular spellings and grammar structure checker in the market.

There are times you might have a ton of content to post, and it can get a bit overwhelming. You might need a pair of fresh eyes to help edit your work, and by simply copying and pasting or uploading your work to the app, it improves your writing instantly.

The features on the free version of Grammarly enable you to edit poorly structured sentences, spelling errors, incorrect use of punctuations, and provides synonyms suggestions. While the paid version (which is a bit pricy at $139.95 annually) comes with a plagiarism checker and other unlimited grammar check features.


HootSuite is an excellent content writing tool for website content management, web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management. The tool makes scheduling and publishing of your posts a breeze. It has features such as the Instagram options for scheduling content you intend to post in advance, so you don’t forget.

It is likewise excellent for inbound content marketing and sales. It helps attract visitors, generate traffic, convert leads, for your content. HootSuite also integrates well with other web apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. There is a free Hootsuite’s plan that lets users operate up to three social accounts, and likewise schedule up to 30 posts at once.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another essential SEO tool that can improve content engagement, especially those who use WordPress. It is a highly recommended WordPress plug-in to help optimize your website’s performance and ranking in different search engines. It measures the readability of your content, so visitors on your site find it easy to understand.

Besides, Yoast SEO provides you with a page and content analysis option to help check the details you are likely to miss. You also get a snippet preview to improve your content for search engines. With the Yoast SEO free version, you get to know the do and don’ts of writing SEO driven content on your website. There is also the premium version with extra features.


If you want your audience to interact more with your content, you need to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, useful, and informative. For your content to entice the reader, you need to enhance it with some captivating visuals, which can be a challenge for content creators with no visual design experience.

Luckily, you can get Canva, a lightweight go-to tool for creating quality graphics to spice up your content. The app is designed with a powerful yet intuitive visual creator, and it is compatible with multiple devices.

Canva enables you to create visual content from scratch or by using one of the many Canva templates. It comes with an extensive library of images and graphics at your disposal. Additionally, once you are done creating content, you can share the finished image directly to any of the popular social media platforms you operate.


Keeping your content fresh and relevant is the only way to stay ahead. The brilliant tools we have just looked at can become your reliable assistants to help with inspiration and ease when coming up with new topics, visuals, improved SEO, etc. for engaging content. You get to save valuable time so you can focus on crunching out quality content.

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