Neetish Sarda: Taking the Sarda Legacy to the Next Level

Neetish Sarda

Every failure is an opportunity to rise, and whether we give up or grow strong from those failures goes on to define the path that we take. We can learn from Entrepreneurs like Neetish Sarda, the CEO of Smartworks, a company that has set benchmarks in managed office spaces but hasn’t had it easy. This young entrepreneur had a vision towards changing the workforce by providing a suitable workspace and creating a proper work-life balance. His idea was not just to provide mere office space but to create a sustainable office space. Today, Smartworks has become one of the largest office space providers to global conglomerates and unicorns.

The Neetish Sarda Story 

The struggle to build up a profitable business is a journey in itself, which is full of trials and tribulations. In the crossroads of chaos and a market dominated by multiple players; Neetish Sarda has set a benchmark for every budding entrepreneur. With his continuous effort and dedication, he led his company Smartworks to a global standard.

At a young age, instead of joining his family business, he focused his attention on building his own startup to become the founder of India’s largest managed office space provider, to come up with a facility that offered better engagement opportunities among the company and employees.

Smartworks provides tailor-made managed office spaces enabled with smart technology to big corporations and startups and offers end-to-end office space service across 400 clients with a presence in 9 metro cities. Under the able leadership of Neetish Sarda, his company touched 100 crores in revenue within just two years of operation.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be dynamic enough to contend with the evolving pace that exists, and Neetish Sarda went back to the grass-root level to dig out market needs and requirements to revolutionize the entire business model from coworking to managed office space. Even though it was considered a risky approach for its time, he was undeterred into turning his dream into a reality.

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Neetish Sarda’s Entrepreneurial Journey

As per a study, Smartworks occupies a 14% market share with a huge client base. The example set by Neetish Sarda stands testimony to the fact that if you have a vision, and you work towards it, you can become one of the most dominant forces in the market. Today Smartworks, the IoT-enabled service with coffee dispensers, food services, along with other associated amenities, ensures the highest level of service for employees belonging to some of the most loved brands and companies across the country.

He established himself as a resilient and creative leader to transform the business space and set a benchmark for upcoming entrepreneurs aspiring to be market disruptors. His company’s tagline “Workspaces that work for you” emphasizes the fact that workspaces can be a true asset irrespective of the type of business and demography. Neetish Sarda has been a true inspiration to all business leaders who wish to embark on the path less trodden.

Lessons for Budding Entrepreneurs 

Diving into the world of business is something where there is an ample amount of risk involved, but constant learning and perseverance can help you overcome hurdles and move towards your goals. The story of an entrepreneur isn’t his alone, Neetish Sarda was blessed with a talented pool of professionals who stood with him every step of the way.

So, as a business leader, it’s important to value your team, as they are the ones who are the first ones to believe in your vision before anyone else is convinced that you can make it.

His entrepreneurial journey is a true motivation for budding entrepreneurs, and the transformation he put forward has been widely applauded by clients and has broad outreach. Today, Smartworks has established the new normal for managed office spaces with IoT-enabled services, automated parking systems, cafeterias, etc. Neetish Sarda has single-handedly transformed the entire office experience and disrupted the market like no other business leader to create a story that is sure to inspire both experienced and upcoming entrepreneurs for years to come.

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