A Guide to Scuba Diving in Indonesia

scuba diving

While some people enjoy spending their holiday on the beach, others love to explore the secrets lying under the waters. There is no doubt that there is a different world out there you can experience where light, noise, and marine life around you might seem quite different yet vaguely familiar. The best way to do this is through open water scuba diving in Indonesia.

How to get started with scuba diving in Indonesia 

There is one thing that makes scuba diving in Indonesia unique, which is every dive you make, something new happens to you. Whether it’s the excitement of coming face-to-face with a shark or just the relaxing pace of swimming alongside a manta ray, scuba diving does provide you with a chance to see and experience another world. Because about 71% of the earth is water, it makes sense to learn scuba diving as it’s a rewarding opportunity for you to explore another side of the planet. 

The best way to start scuba diving is by learning scuba diving with a reputable organization. This means the study material should be right for new scuba divers. Besides this, the exam standards should be high to make sure that your qualifications are recognized regardless of the place in the world where you want to scuba dive.

Simply put, you should choose an instructor and scuba diving training institution that offers suitable training to their learners. After all, picking a cheaper alternative with poor training can have dire consequences, especially when you realize it too late while deep under the water. Therefore, you should be given a chance to practice in a swimming pool or open water dive for you to decide whether scuba diving is ideal for you or not. 

Is scuba diving in Indonesia safe?

As with many other types of adventures, there is always a certain level of risk with scuba diving. Therefore, you should find out if your travel insurance covers scuba diving. This means if you are planning to do open water scuba diving in Indonesia, you should make sure that all the necessities have been incorporated into your travel insurance policy. Thankfully, most of the certified scuba divers are well-trained and can handle most of the things happening under the water.

On the other hand, if you intend to learn scuba diving in Indonesia, make sure that you do it right the first time by choosing the right travel insurance policy. This is because learning scuba diving might involve a lot of money and takes longer to master it. Some dives can be so challenging that you need not only the right certification but also proper skills. Skills such as wreck diving, night diving, and nitrox, all require special scuba diving skills which you can learn by taking specialist scuba diving courses.

Confidence and safety are important elements of getting certified by reputable scuba diving organizations. The courses are also designed for you to learn about the marine systems and the ecosystems that you will spend time associating with while under the water. This gives you a proper understanding of the earth and the need to protect it.

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