Silver IRA: An Account Worth Having

Silver IRA

Life is in phases. There is a time to be born, a time to be young, grow up to adulthood and inevitably grow old. Each of these various phases of life has its very own peculiarities.

One of the hard realities that adults have to come to terms with is that their bodies will get weaker as they get older and that they would have to retire or step down from their active jobs. For this reason, they must make plans to secure their future against the possibility of their being unable to earn in the future and this they do by creating an IRA account.

What Is an IRA Account?

It is an acronym for Individual Retirement Account, and it is a saving account with which individuals can save for the long term. It is quite similar to the 401(K) just that the benefits are not limited to what is obtained from the employer as anyone that has means of earning financially can be part of it. You can read more about it here. It also has various advantages some of those benefits include:

Tax Benefits

The most obvious benefit, and the reason it is an advisable option, is because of certain tax benefits that it affords. The primary one is that there you do not have to pay capital gains tax.

Wider Range of Investments to Choose From

Another benefit of opening an individual retirement account is that it gives you a wider range of options to choose from. This is unlike the 401 (k) that offers a lower pool of investment choices to pick from for the individual (note that this is not to say that the 401(k) is not a good option).

Tax Deferment on Investment Profits

Again, opening an IRA account allows your investments to grow and compound without having to pay capital gains tax on it. Note that this does not mean that tax would not be paid on it, it rather means that you only have to pay capital gains tax when cashing out.

Retirement Security

Many organizations have rules that state clearly that upon the attainment of a certain age, a worker in the organization will be retired. Other organizations will not employ a job seeker who is up to a certain age. The point in laying this out is that without an investment plan today, you might find yourself financially insecure upon your retirement or not being able to get a job due to age.

Precious Metals IRA

There are various types and derivatives of the IRA aside from the traditional type and many of these types are becoming more popular due to the various advantages or benefits that they offer. One type that is very profitable and gaining much momentum today is the precious metals IRA.

Now, it is an individual Retirement Account where the various precious metals (like gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious metals depending on what the individual has) are held in the account of the individual. So, unlike the traditional IRA where paper assets or cash are held or kept, precious metals are held in this type of account. Another unique fact about it is that this type of investment is self-directed which allows the investor to have various investments in it.

Four precious metals can be held in this type of account, and they are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium (with the added clause in this particular instance that they are in IRS approved coin forms or bar forms.

Silver IRA

This is the type of individual retirement account that mostly consists of silver assets though it Is not limited only to it. Investing in it has certain benefits which include:

Allows For Asset Diversification

One of the ways to ensure that your investments yield returns is by diversifying your investments. It is often advised that diversifying within tangible assets is a wise course of action to take as it is very profitable in the long run. This can be done using different coin types to serve various uses or meet certain goals.

It Is Safe

The primary concern for many investors is the assurance that their investments are safe and investing or opening a silver IRA account is one of the safest investments possible. It is even safer than the paper assets that people are more aware of as it cannot be devalued even if there is a future financial crisis in the country or the world even. Note that this applies not only to silver investments but to all precious metals investments.

Direct Control

Another risky aspect of investing is that in most cases, people have no control over the process and on some occasions, cannot even do anything when things are not going their way or in their favor. However, in silver IRA, you have direct control over your accounts and investments. You make every decision that concerns your account like redistribution and account assets. Note also the capital gains tax benefit that comes with it.

As with all other precious stones, there are many reasons why having silver in an IRA is an option worth considering. You only have to ensure that you are working with an agency that is certified and licensed to function in this capacity. This is to ensure that you do not fall into the hands of the wrong people or organization. Again, it is important to note that not all silver coins can be invested with as they must meet the fineness test of .999.


It is advisable that individuals start engaging in activities that help secure their future because, as the saying goes, tomorrow is not given. Steps have to be taken now to ensure that you are adequately protected financially. This is achieved mostly through making investments.

But here too, one has to be careful and ensure that you are making an informed decision on these matters. One area that is definitely worth getting involved in is the silver IRA.

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