6 Tips Every Guy Who’s Planning A Proposal Should Know

Planning A Proposal

First and foremost, congrats on finding the girl of your dreams. You’re probably dying to put that stunning ring on her finger and sweep her off her feet. But have you decided on an engagement ring yet? If you’re still looking for the right ring, you must know that Morganite engagement rings can be a fantastic choice.

After you’ve sorted out the engagement ring dilemma, you may move on to planning the rest of your proposal. To assist you, here are six tips that every man planning to propose should know.

Your proposal day will be etched in both of your minds. That is a memory you will both cherish for the rest of your lives. So, you must pick the perfect day and location to pop the question. You can do it on a day she least expects it, to make it even more special.

The location of your proposal is also essential. You don’t want to propose in a busy or noisy location. It’s a special, intimate moment that calls for a spectacular setting. Pick a location that holds a special meaning for you.

Contrary to popular belief, most women do not like being proposed to in public, like at a ballgame or a restaurant. Instead, most people like to keep it as private and personal as possible, but you know what your girl likes best, so you can decide on a location-based on what you know about her.

  • Choose the best engagement ring

You don’t want to pick the wrong ring. Many men have difficulty selecting the right ring for their partner. The best way to do this is to keep it simple. Just pick a ring that best represents your partner’s personality.

You must also consider her likes and choices while selecting a ring. After all, she’s going to be wearing it later.

You can choose from a variety of options such as diamond rings, gold rings, platinum bands or even the much sought-after Morganite engagement rings to impress your partner.

  • Hire a photographer to capture your proposal

Your proposal is the day you and your partner give your relationship a new identity. The moment you get down on one knee and propose to her should be photographed and recorded.

It’s crucial to catch the surprised look on her face. A professional photographer will ensure that all these moments are photographed and recorded.

Before your proposal, make sure to discuss the place and timing with the photographer. It’s also a great idea to pick an exact location where you’ll propose so that the photographers can position themselves accordingly.

  • Go one step further

You can take it up a notch and compile all of the proposal photographs into an engagement storybook. You can collect pictures from your life that have a special place in your heart and include them in this storybook.

  • Take help from her friends

Regardless of how well you know her, her friends will have some insight into her likes and dislikes. It’s always best to let her friends know your plans in advance. They know enough about her to tell if she’ll like it or not.

After all, you don’t want to ruin the special occasion by doing something your partner won’t enjoy. Discussing with her friends helps you steer clear of such mishaps.

  • Share your plan with only a few trusted ones

It may be challenging to plan your proposal entirely on your own. So, you may also seek support from a few trusted friends. Just make sure you swear them to secrecy beforehand to ensure your partner has no clue whatsoever.

The key to a superb proposal is to arrange the entire day and never let her suspect anything is going on. Keep things as low-key as possible.

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