Expert Tips on Using Social Media for B2B Companies

Social Media for B2B

In comparison to B2C organizations, B2B companies seem to lag behind in social media. However, to survive in this competitive landscape, arming up with social media tactics is imperative. 

Using the right strategies and uplifting the business through various social channels is the right approach. But, even the minute details can make a big difference. 

Let us see how B2B companies can use social media in the right way and what steps are essential for it. 

  • Unique Box Content

Using the best content to engage with customers is the most effective strategy in B2C businesses. But, B2B businesses are also adopting this trend. However, their approach is slightly different. Since the target market is not the same, they need unique ideas to catch consumer attention. 

For instance, IBM posted a video about its new product instead of directly revealing it. The brand focused on the sound system of the product. Consequently, it made the prospects curious about other product features. Thus, creating user engagement and interest.  

As a general rule, to stand out on social media, you need content that stands out. For this, you can hire a content writing specialist, generate various ideas, and keep your focus on trending topics. No matter how you create the content, being a B2B company, be sure to keep a professional tone. 

  • Hire an Expert

Unfortunately, many B2B brands don’t hire a Social Media Manager who is familiar with their field to handle social media profiles. Never make this mistake. The social media manager must have some knowledge regarding the niche of the business. 

However, they should also have enough experience in handling social media. Generating a buzz on social media is not a one-day game. It is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, don’t compromise in hiring the best expert. 

Bonus Tip: 

Remember, social media management is not just about status updates or post sharing. It would be best to look for someone who can create a distinctive online identity and run multiple campaigns. 

  • Plan, Plan, and Plan

Everything becomes possible with planning. Since B2B businesses need to cater to a different customer group, they need to show immense professionalism. Showcase your professional attitude with timely posts, updates, and much more. If you post about the product launch and then give no updates for several weeks, you will likely lose followers. 

Furthermore, use content management tools for streamlining your goals. Some of the great tools include Hootsuite, Feedly, Buffer, etc. Feedly gathers the trending topics and provides you a suitable list of content ideas. Similarly, Hootsuite and Buffer help you in generating the post timeline and using analytics for feedback. 

  • Share Company Insights

Rather than just focusing on your products and services, tell others what the company is all about. Focus on the company culture, share events and workshops, and show the quality-control process. 

The business clients will love to deal with a well-maintained and professional company. Apart from it, share insights about your team. Let others know how your employees perform and how the company deals with them. Sharing all these things results in gaining an excellent online identity, which in turn increases your leads. 

  • Always Use LinkedIn

Do you know that 97% of B2B companies are using LinkedIn? This shows how important it is to use this social media platform. But, why just LinkedIn? LinkedIn has shown dramatic results in generating leads. 

A B2B company needs to find the right audience, and LinkedIn is a logical choice since it is the hub of professionals and connects business with business. Whether you are an online solutions provider like digital marketing or a retail store like Amazon, you need to use LinkedIn. 

However, it does not mean showing an absence on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The primary focus should be kept on LinkedIn. You are less likely to find out pictures of your favorite pets, food, and festivals on LinkedIn. Since the platform has a distinction of a professional network, it is a must-do for B2B’s.

  • Give a Spark with Creativity

Many B2B companies look boring on their social media profiles. Remember, to reap the benefits of social media, you need to gain an audience. For this, you need something creative and compelling. Even if your product is boring, try to bring a creative aspect to it. You can do so by using personalization, making videos, going live on social media, etc. 

  • Show the Human Side of Business

Commonly, every B2B firm refrains from showing the real person behind the business. Today, the market is changing. Now, brands look to maintain relationships with clients rather than just selling. 

This approach is more important in a B2B business. Therefore, always highlight the real person behind your business success. Similarly, show how the business owner got the idea and what made him come into this business. 

All these things contribute to making the brand real and genuine. Additionally, use direct names when interacting with people, and show the individual efforts of employees. 

  • Use a Perfect Combination of Colors and Graphics

Besides using all other tactics, the proper use of colors and graphics can also make a big difference. Use colors that go in line with your brand personality. Similarly, use the right graphics to showcase your brand’s success story. For instance, you can use the signature colors of your logo in every post. This will highlight how keen you are in terms of creating your online image and stock photos

Wrapping It Up

In short, if B2B companies do not use the right social media tactics, they will not succeed. Therefore, a comprehensive plan of strategies is required to create a social media image. Hence, B2B firms require unique content ideas and a social media expert. 

Additionally, thorough planning at each step and use of social media management tools should be used. LinkedIn, the biggest professional network, should be the prime focus. B2B firms should also share the company’s insights, use a perfect combination of colors, and put immense creativity. 

The amalgamation of all the above strategies will result in higher user engagement and conversion. Lastly, be sure to be consistent in whatever you do. Give time, work hard, and you will start reaping the benefits of social media in no time.


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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for  Dynamologic Solutions.

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