Top Tips to Engage Your Audience in a Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Are you worried about your next online event? Keeping a virtual audience glued to their seats is not a child’s play.

Improving audience engagement can be directly related to the success of your virtual conference. Deploying the right audience engagement ideas can help you encourage the involvement of more participants.

Best Ways to Engage Your Online Audience

The global virtual events industry is expected to grow by a whopping 23.3 percent from 2020 to 2027. You can also leverage this growth and host your event online.

Here are some of the top tips you can apply to strike the right chord with your online audience.

Include Engaging Content

Boring slides and presentations are more likely to discourage the audience than motivate them. Hence, make your slides more attractive and vibrant using infographic tools. Informational and unique content can make your event more exciting for the participants.

It is imperative to use the right techniques to gauge the interests of a live audience.

Ensure Maximum Participation

Your online video conference should be interactive. Encouraging the audience to share their opinions and views during the session can help you understand their needs.

You can provide the option to raise a query on chat or using the participant’s microphone. Live polling options are a great way to ensure maximum participation during an online event.

Select an Experienced Presenter

When online participants do not enjoy the conference, they can turn off their laptops and leave the event.

But, an expert speaker can do the magic of grabbing the attention of your online audience. A passionate speaker, who is well-versed in the subject of discussion, can provide new and interesting information to the participants.

A funny and engaging presenter can keep the audience glued to their screens for a longer time. A speaker can also use marketing strategies to promote your brand and products to the live participants.

Use Gaming Techniques

Gamification is one of the best audience engagement ideas to follow when hosting a virtual event.

It involves adding fun elements to the session like quizzes, puzzles, and fun Q&As. You can also give away reward points or prizes for the winners to encourage maximum participation.

Promote networking among the participants with games played between teams.

Promote Pre-Event and Post-Event Engagement

It is essential to create a positive hype about the conference among the participants to ensure maximum attendance. You can send out emails and notifications to potential attendees, giving them a fair idea about the conference.

Timely reminders can also ensure that people do not miss out on the event.

Social media platforms play an important role in grabbing the eyeballs of potential participants. You can launch a small video clip or a poster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other digital platforms to gather more people for your online event.

Finally, conduct a survey to find customer expectations from your show and add those to your virtual conference. Also, encourage your audience to fill a feedback form to rate your online event.

Final Words

With work from home option as the new trend, virtual panel discussions are here to stay. The right tips and techniques can help you to utilize this cost-effective way of meeting people from the comfort of your homes.

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