Top 3 Benefits of Recycled Plastic Activewear

Recycled Plastic Activewear

Clothes are usually products of innovation. But coming up with something new requires a creative mind and a brave soul. For instance, those who are active and sports-minded need versatile clothes that allow them to move freely. In the early 2000s, some designers transformed the outfits used for hiking, mountaineering, and jogging from bulky and shapeless to more form-fitting yet tailored ones. Nowadays, there are more clothing advances with the advent of recycled plastic activewear.

And yes, you read it right. Plastic bottles are a danger to the environment. Studies have shown that around twenty-two billion of these non-biodegradable liquid containers are released into the seas and oceans. These release toxic chemicals into the water, destroying aquatic ecosystems and causing certain types of cancers. The manufacture of recycled plastic activewear is an efficient way of reducing pollution. There are three main benefits when you opt to wear these “green clothes.”


Synthetic fibres and plastics such as PET bottles contribute to pollution on both land and water. Aside from the obvious harm to marine life, improper washing of either virgin (unused) or recycled plastic releases dangerous plastic-based microfibres that eventually settle in the ocean. It is a silent yet deadly process that will destroy all ecosystems running on water if left unchecked.

Fortunately, the advent of modern clothing technology allows the use of sustainable and recyclable non-biodegradables. Manufacturers who spin plastics into fabrics see the need to produce safe products while also helping the environment. It also has a market in eco-friendly advocates. They love and support sports and activewear that reduce the environmental footprint and protect both the land and the oceans.


Most non-biodegradable materials are difficult to dispose of and should, therefore, always be recycled. These waste products have the reputation of becoming hazardous landfills, which will – if left unchecked – eventually overflow into the sea. An eco-warrior laments the strength of these waste products because there are not enough ways to recycle them.

Hence, it is a good thing that activewear makers found a way to spin recycled plastics into yarns. These textiles are made to last longer than their most delicate clothing counterparts. Regular threads are interwoven with these resilient ones, which make your full-length tights, cropped swimwear, and bike shorts heavy-duty and almost indestructible.

Comfortable and hygienic

You put on your best activewear whenever you need to work out or do your regular exercises. But a few minutes into your routine will already find you sweaty and sticky. The baggy training clothes of decades past made even the most patient exercisers irritable and smelly. So, either the exercising stops abruptly, or the exerciser needs to change clothes to feel comfortable again.

Fortunately, the athleisure wear of today does not have the same decade-old effect. These comfy sports clothes are made from anti-wicking threading and fibres. They absorb sweat faster than regular cotton or stretch clothes, allowing the moisture to evaporate faster. The faster the drying up, the fewer chances of clothes sticking unpleasantly to the body. It also leaves you more hygienic by keeping the skin dry and fresh. The recycled thread allows airflow to move quickly through the fabric, making you cool down faster and neutralise body odours. Some of them even protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Creativity makes the discarded look fabulous. So, if you are actively seeking ways to help out the environment while trying to be active and healthy, go for activewear clothing lines made out of recyclable materials.


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