Top Garden Tips: How to Prepare for Winter

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It’s almost fall here in Maryland and this is the ideal time for some garden prepping before the nasty weather arrives. The fall is a favorite for many people, with the amazing shades of red, yellow, and brown, as the leaves turn and are shredded, which marks a shift in nature from the hot to the cold season.

Here are a few tips when you prepare your garden for the coming winter.

Prune the trees

Your large and medium trees do need some TLC and the fall is the best time to shape your trees, plus the tree surgeon can assess the health of your trees and shrubs. Gale force winds can cause big trees to crack or even uproot and the arborist Salt Lake City can inspect all your trees, looking for storm damage.

Feed the lawn

Now is the perfect time to spread loam or lime onto your lawn; search online for lawn fertilizer to find a good brand and apply as the package recommends. Grassed areas also need aerating, which can be done with a special machine or a pitchfork to make lots of holes on the lawn surface, which is back-breaking and time-consuming.

Mulch the flower borders

You can find colored mulch from a leading Maryland supplier, who has a wide range of mulch produce that can be delivered to your door. This will feed the soil and with a thick covering, it will prevent weeds from growing and that will save you a lot of time.

Power wash the terrace and pathways

You can rent a power wash unit and spend a weekend blasting a range of exterior surfaces, which really does make a difference. You can restore the stone to its original condition and it is quite addictive cleaning with a power wash gun. This also cleans brick and rendered surfaces, so you could transform the home. Click here for tips on how to be more productive in 2021.

Removing leaves

If you have a lot of trees, there will likely be a lot of leaves and while they do feed the land, too many look unsightly; regular leaf sweeping with a stiff witch-style broom is certainly regarded as a work-out. As trees shed their leaves gradually, this might have to be a weekly task until the trees are bare, ready for winter.

Leave the grass long

Cutting the grass too short could damage the lawn over the winter period, so it is best to leave at least 3 inches, which helps protect the grassroots. The end of September is the best time for the final cut of the season and the end of March signals the start of the new season. Here is some information about landscaping for energy efficient homes, which we should all take the time to read.

One good idea is to contact a local garden maintenance contractor and ask them to add your property to their list, which they would be happy to do for a small fee.

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