Top Holiday Ideas To Add To Your Bucket List This Year

Cruise Holiday

Travel opportunities are always there. However, one should never complete their bucket list in this regard. Instead, one should keep adding to it over the years.

However, travel in 2023 may be viewed differently than usual. Recent years have been turbulent in the UK, to say the least, with many people’s mental well-being perhaps more shaky than usual. Every holiday taken needs to hit just the right spot, now more than ever.

So, with that in mind, let’s explore the top holiday ideas that should be added to the old bucket list in 2023.

The Cruise Holiday

Is a cruise the first thing that comes to mind when people contemplate their next holiday? Maybe not, as they’re constantly on the move anchoring at different places. However, one could argue they’re a great idea if you want an easy get away that requires little planning.

You can cruise all over the world. Cruises can take you to India, Japan, Norway, and hundreds of other iconic settings as well. Cruises can be delightful onboard, too, with plenty of luxury and fine dining options, and a sense of blissful relaxation when you are faced with the ocean view.

Like any holiday you should take out insurance as anything can happen and you will likely want to be reimbursed should you lose any belongings. There are plenty of providers out there like Staysure, who can help with that bit.

Milos, Greece

Milos is a must-visit destination for many. There’s plenty to enjoy and admire here.

Milos is picturesque, with over 70 beautiful beaches and bright blue sea, some secluded, others packed with fellow tourists. There are dramatic natural landscapes to behold, with hot springs, caves, and volcanic settings to marvel at. Milos is also home to a Roman amphitheatre, along with ancient catacombs and theatres.

Greece is so lovely that a few hundred Brits retire there yearly. It was speculated that affordable living conditions, beautiful scenery, and a laid-back culture were the main reasons for this. Though you might be taking a holiday, you can still benefit from these things, appreciating a trip that doesn’t break the bank or subject you to much stress.

Queenstown, New Zealand

You likely don’t need to know how beautiful New Zealand is. However, you might be less familiar with Queenstown.

Queenstown is a resort island on the south side of New Zealand. It’s packed full of things to do, many of which may make up part of your bucket list already, like:

  • Skydiving.
  • Bungee jumping (which was invented at the nearby Kawaru Bridge).
  • White-water rafting.
  • Wine, vineyard, and orchard tours.

Many festivals take place, too, including the Food and Wine Festival and Jazz Festival. The locals are friendly and welcoming, too, ensuring your stay is one to remember.

Fuseta, Portugal

Fuseta, Portugal, is an immensely popular tourist destination. There are many good reasons for that being the case, too.

In fact, we’re mentioning it because it takes the number 1 spot on The Guardian’s recent ‘Where to go on Holiday This Year: 23 Great Travel Ideas for 2023’ listicle. It’s mentioned as being a desert island surrounded by a turquoise sea and a divine, unspoilt fishing town. It’s retained its cultural links with an active harbour and delicious seafood at countless open-air restaurants, yet the island is still quaint and quiet in a charming way.

Watersports are highly popular at Fuseta too, and the Rio Formosa Natural Park is home to various fish, plants, birds, and other wildlife. Coves, sand dunes and salt pans can all be explored to your heart’s content in this warm Mediterranean climate. Temperatures can be mild even in the throes of winter, too.

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