Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Users Should Use GaN Chargers

GaN Charger

There’s a new type of mobile and laptop charger that is taking the market by storm. Called the GaN charger, it is smaller and more compact than the traditional and currently used silicon charger but more efficient. The acronym stands for Gallium Nitride, a semiconductor that can conduct higher voltage amounts in a shorter time. Using a GaN charger makes charging devices faster and safer because the charger does not overheat.

GaN Chargers are Safer

Using GaN chargers is safer because there are wider “air gaps” between the charger and the charging gadget. The power transfer comes at an increased switching frequency, and the device is powered faster even though it is through a wireless process.  

Mobile users often leave their mobile phones charging overnight. There is always the danger of the chargers overheating. Because they are high technology chargers, GaN chargers will not overheat because they will charge the phones within the shortest period.

Charging is Faster 

Users who rely on their mobile phones and other gadgets for their business and livelihood always need to have their devices charged for optimum use. The GaN charger cuts charging time and helps boost the number of productivity hours. A GaN charger is so versatile it can power different make and models of mobile phones and laptops.  

Faster charging time also means saving on electricity. Offices whose employees rely on laptops and smartphones will immediately benefit from the shift to GaN chargers. It takes longer to charge devices using silicon chargers, but using a GaN charger will change all this.

Smaller, More Compact 

The GaN charger is also easier to store because it is smaller and less bulky than silicon chargers. The charger design is such that it does not need components like circuit elements, filters, or heatsinks. Because of this, a GaN charger is at least 40% smaller than a silicon charger.

More Ports

Depending on the brand and the model, GaN chargers can come with more plugs. Some models have three plugs (two for USB-C and the other for USB-A), and other models come with four plugs. The latter has ports for three USB-C and one for USB-A. A Gan charger that has more plugs can be attached to another unit, increasing the power through electricity that can be accessed, automatically doubling the ports.  

Superior to Silicon 

Power efficiency is also one of the qualities of a GaN charger. The reason for this is the higher bandgap gallium nitride has.

 All gadgets and semiconductors all have what is called a “bandgap.” Semiconductors and devices that use them all have it. A bandgap refers to the energy range within a solid where electrons do not exist. The bandgap is a way to measure how effectively a solid material conducts electricity. 

Compared to the silicon bandgap at 1.12 eV bandgap, gallium nitride has a bigger bandgap at 2.4 eV. This wider bandgap makes a big difference. It means that gallium nitride can conduct higher voltage and maintain a higher temperature compared to silicon.

Gallium nitride can conduct electrons 1,000 times better compared to silicon. It is also cheaper to manufacture and produce. A GaN charger has a higher bandgap efficiency than a silicon charger. This means electric currents can pass through the GaN charger faster, making it more electricity-efficient.

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