Top 7 Things No One Should Tolerate in a Relationship


It might seem harsh, but having a written list of prohibited actions in a relationship is actually a healthy way to prevent the partner’s toxicity. Controlling, harmful, and potentially exhausting relationships is what most of us went through, especially if we speak about Russian dating. But there is a way to stop it by noticing alarming signs and cutting a person off.

Here are 7 things that might be a deal-breaker in your relationship.

  1. Abuse and power struggles.

Healthy relationships are about a mutual respect. If your partner insults you on a daily basis, it is a telltale sign of toxic relationships you want to get away from. Some individuals like giving second (third, fourth, etc.) chances, and it’s understandable since you don’t want to let something cherished go that easy. There is a “but,” however – loving unconditionally for the sake of emotions, even when yours are harmed is not good. If you are being abused emotionally or physically, don’t expect your partner to ever change. Here is a checklist your relationships are abusive.

  1. You are someone’s secret garden

If you find out your partner doesn’t tell about you to their friends or family, it certainly has to warn you. There are three reasons as to why this situation could happen: either your partner is already involved in a relationship with someone; they are embarrassed by your company, or they don’t perceive you as a long-term candidate. Of course, there are other causes of this problem, like strict family or secretive character. But it is better to clarify what is the reason for such behavior. Your time is precious, so there is no need to waste in on a person who decides to keep you as a secret for no reason.

  1. Your partner always cancels plans.

Does your partner flake last minute? There are legitimate reasons as to why they can do it, such as a sudden call from their workplace, or feeling unwell. But if the situation has a repetitive pattern, you need to beware. Maybe you have an issue in a relationship, something you are not aware of. Try to figure out what’s happening.

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  1. Partner’s infidelity and disloyalty.

When it comes to infidelity, no situation can justify this foul behavior. Don’t expect your partner to change. Of course, if both of you are down for an open relationship, it is completely OK. But if you talked about infidelity earlier and the person broke their promise, you need to end the relationship ASAP.

  1. They have addictions.

Being in a friend circle with a glass of wine is a great way to relax. And let’s be honest: loud parties with friends and booze are indeed fun! But if your partner has to drink or take something to feel good, or their personality changes drastically when intoxicated, it is a serious problem. It can cause them to harm you in the future, become unreliable, spend money, or make wrong decisions. Since you are a couple, you will constantly need to figure it out together. Why would you want to be with a person who is under influence all the time?

  1. Your partner takes jabs at you.

If, during a fight, your partner brings up dirt from the past, tries to guilt-trip you, silent treats you, attacks you with questions, you need to seriously think over your relationships. Healthy relationships have open communication and fair conflict resolution. It is not a game where both of the partners try to hurt each other as much as possible to win a competition.

  1. You don’t feel comfortable.

Do you feel comfortable every time your partner is around, or do you start inevitable fights? Does your partner make you question your self-esteem? If you have a gut feeling something is not going right, it is an indicator that you are probably right.

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