4 Top Tips on Travel Safety

Travel Safety

Travelling safety is a significant concern for any person out there regardless of social status. Thieves and robbers are everywhere, even in the sacred places of worship. Therefore, travellers should be keen enough. New faces in the streets are the primary targets for thieves; they assume you don’t know much about the area. Travellers, especially foreigners, stand out in large crowds hence making them more vulnerable.

Do thorough research on the security and safety of the destination of your preferences. Consult people who have been to that destination before. Never assume anything since security can be a matter of life and death. The tips below have enough details for your travel safety.

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1.  Don’t Stand Out in a Crowd When Traveling.

Walk with a purpose to avoid unnecessary attention. You may be stuck, but don’t let any notice until you find your way. Dress to fit in your destination. Avoid the unmistakable look of a traveller or a tourist, e.g., an expensive-looking camera around your neck. When map reading, let confidentiality be on top-notch. Look around to understand your current environment. Always be aware of people who seem to have more interest in you.

2.  Don’t Make Yourself an Attractive Target when Traveling.

Some traveller’s main aim is to look unique and rich. So you put on your expensive rings, wristwatches in noticeable areas. By doing so, you lighten a thief’s work and stealing strategy. You automatically become their target. Avoid putting on such valuable, attractive considering you under the belt is the central storage of your valuables.

Carry an ordinary wallet with little cash in them to distract thieves. Those wallets can save you when you face direct robber confrontations; you irresistibly hand over the wallet. Carry your valuables like a traveller’s cheque and credit cards under your clothing.

3.  Beware aware of Scam when Traveling.

Like any other ‘work,’ thieves stealing strategies differ from town to town. Ask the relevant people so that you can be wary of some of the tricks they use. For example, some thieves act as if they are policemen. They stop you from asking for the relevant travel documents, but they want to steal from you. In case some of those documents are missing, they will ask you for money so that they can set you free.

On the other hand, some will approach you in the name of tour guides. They pretend to have an interest in showing you around at cheaper prices. Another group of scammers add sedative drugs to your food and drinks without your knowledge, hence stealing from you.

4.  Observe all the Security Measures when in Your Accommodation Room

Another sensitive area when it comes to a traveller’s safety is within your accommodation. Be fine to detail travellers since your safety is crucial. Be wary of emergency doors, fire exits, and emergency stairs should anything happen. Please don’t assume they are just there for fun; they have a special purpose.

When relaxing in your room, be it night or daytime, lock your door properly. Know how to use the locks or door chains in the right manner. Avoid meeting strangers like business associates or new friends in your hotel room; do it in the waiting lobby.


Travelling can be fascinating and at the same time scary. Losing your valuables during your vacation is a sad tale. However, you want to travel back home safe and sound. Therefore, consider observing travel safety tips to make your travel a remarkable one.

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